Our goal is to work with the users of energy in their homes and place of work to help reduce waste of energy. At the same time, to work with the energy supply chain to reduce the cost of energy delivered to users. At Secure, users of energy are at the core of our thinking and therefore we refer to them as ‘customers’, even though they don’t pay our bills!

Defining users of energy as ‘customers’ has allowed us to think of the energy supply chain and the use of energy in a very different light. It has forced everyone in the business to deliver products and services that really add value to them and as a consequence truly add value for each link in the energy supply chain.

We believe that energy and indeed any resource is of value and should not be wasted. At the same time, each of us should have the opportunity to use it responsibly, this means that, firstly, we must have a fair understanding of how we use it and subsequently must be able to regulate its use to suit our needs. If each of us is able to achieve this in our homes and work places at a fair price from our energy supplier; this will be one less thing that we worry about.

In our daily lives the most important link between us and energy is our energy supplier. From them we expect a good quality service, which includes not receiving any surprises. In reality the energy supply chain is a lot more complex than this and many more institutions have a hand in what we consume. At Secure we work with energy suppliers, help them to provide great customer service. On the one hand, on the other we work with the businesses in the entire energy supply chain to see where costs can be improved.

All of this is only possible with long term partnerships with ‘customers’ and players in the energy supply chain. As a technology provider, we must understand the needs of the energy supply chain in the regions we work in. We should bring this understanding to bear on the products we develop and produce for our customers in the energy supply chain and their customers, the end users. As our goal is to reduce energy waste and reduce the energy spend for ‘customers’ in our key markets we spend a lot of time and effort in understanding them and the changes that happen, continuously refining our products and services.