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BILL_BULLEN.jpgBill Bullen: CEO, Supply

Bill Bullen has a BSc in Engineering and an MSc in Energy and Environment. He has over 25 years working in the energy sector, both within energy companies and as a consultant. During the 1980s he worked for the UK government on the Acid Rain problem and then in the early 1990s worked for the EU on Climate Change and in particular on economic measures to reduce carbon emissions.

In 1998 he was instrumental in starting one of the early independent supply companies in Great Britain, Electricity Direct, which in three years went from 0 to 100,000 business customers, turning over £250 million per annum. It was sold to British Gas in 2002, whereupon Bill took over the purchasing and pricing operation for the whole of the British Gas business portfolio - worth over £1 billion. He then set up Utilita in 2004 and has since taken the business to more than 250,000 dual fuel customers.

koshik-ghosh.pngKaushik Ghosh: Chief Technology Officer

Kaushik has been associated with the Secure Group since 1996 and has played a pivotal role in driving many successful new product introductions. As Chief Technology Officer and a member of the Group Executive, Kaushik is involved with strategy formulation, management of technology, new product introductions, portfolio management and intellectual property.

Kaushik takes keen interest in issues related to smart grid, energy conservation, revenue completeness, network accounting, smart homes and customer engagement. He has been actively involved with the evolution of smart metering in the UK, Australia, India and South East Asia.

Prior to joining Secure, Kaushik had a 9 year stint with Hindustan Aeronautics Limited, where he was involved with advanced avionics systems. He spent 2 years with VHEL dealing with hybrid micro-circuit technologies before joining Secure and making Udaipur his home. Kaushik is currently based in Winchester where he has additional responsibilities as Managing Director of Secure Meters (UK) Limited.


Hemant-Gole.pngHemant Gole: Head: Group Quality

Hemant works with all the teams to continuously improve quality in everything we do. This makes Secure one of the most effective and efficient in the industry. He continues to build a solid team with the common objectives of customer orientation and improved productivity without compromising quality.

Hemant has had over 45 years of experience in work at Philips, Videocon and at Secure. His experience of manufacturing (42 years) and of managing supply chain issues makes him an ideal facilitator for change. This, in turn, has enabled him to drive capacity up tenfold to meet customer requirements.

rajesh-kohli.pngRajesh Kohli: CEO,  Measurement and Controls

Rajesh has a terrific instinct for our business and a deep understanding of the technologies. This and his experience prior to joining Secure has helped him in his role of leading the Measurement and Control  team worldwide. He has successfully grown our business in this segment with the help of a very capable team. His quiet confidence transmits to the customer and the team.

Rajesh has been with the group since 2000 and was a part of the Secure team in the early part of its growth.  Before joining Secure, he worked in large companies like Crompton Greaves and Havell's during his career that spans 35 years. He has an instinct for business and has led the Measurement and Control  part of the group's business since 2009. He enjoys cricket and travelling.

panwal-sb.pngHemender Pandwal: Chief, Legal Affairs and Taxation

Hemender has been a part of the Secure family for many years. He plays a major role in all mergers and acquisitions and ensures financial security for the group. His pragmatic approach has helped the company through many years of sustained growth.

In addition he is responsible for all taxation and legal matters of the Group. Prior to this Hemender was also responsible for group finance and accounts.

Amit_Sharma.jpgAmit Sharma: Chief Finance Officer

Amit is a Chartered Accountant and Company Secretary by qualification, with over 15 years working in almost all facets of Finance and experience of handling global projects. He joined Secure in April 2016.

Until recently he was the Country Financial Controller of Akzo Nobel India Limited and Business Controller for its Decorative Division and was part of its leadership team. He played a key role in transforming the Finance function in the Company. Amit has also worked for Indian Oil and ITC in various capacities. 

Amit enjoys music and in his free time, and likes to teach and play all kind of sports.

sanjaya-singhal.pngSanjaya Singhal: Group Chief Executive Officer

Sanjaya has played an active and pioneering role in the introduction of electronic electricity meters to address the tamper and fraud rampant in the Indian utilities and improve revenue collection.   He specialises in business strategy and future trends in energy, measurement and control and is recognised as an expert in the area of metering and utility revenue protection for both developing and developed countries.  

His understanding of the business and the technology allows him to guide the group to develop simple solutions to problems faced by utilities. His trust in the people around him allows them to think freely and develop clever solutions to customer needs.

nandita-singhal.pngNandita Singhal: Group Head, Corporate Communications

Nandita has given a strategic direction to the Secure brand. She helps instil the brand with our core values and looks after the work we do in our community. Through involvement with teams in the company that conduct sporting and cultural activities, she continues to infuse the spirit of togetherness to help Secure achieve its business objectives.

Nandita has been actively working in Secure from 2006, she has been involved with the company through its 25 years. This allows her to see a bird's eye view of the group; this is essential for her role as a communicator.

suket-singhal.pngSuket Singhal: Country Head, UK

As a part of the Group Executive at Secure he is currently preparing the organisation for the next leg of its journey. Today he works with the entire customer value chain from marketing, new product development through to operations, to change the way Secure serves customers.

Suket is a trained Chemical Engineer, before joining Secure, he spent 4 years doing research at Imperial College in London. His research was focused on developing a proof of concept to show that stem cell cultures can be monitored in real time.

At Secure he begun by working as head of Global Sourcing & Logistics. Today his roles include providing strategic direction to all 3 of our BUs in the UK. Here we leverage our presence from gas and energy supply to in-home controls, to provide all consumers of energy the ability to not only reduce the amount of energy they use; but also use energy at a lower cost.  

At present he is focusing on the development of new products and applications in the residential space and platforms and applications that will provide the aged a better quality of life in the comfort of their own homes.  

ananya-singhal.pngAnanya Singhal: VP - HR, IT & Infrastructure

Ananya, along with his team, is bringing a strategic and support oriented approach to people and information. He also designs and runs the Group's support services and estate management teams. He is driving a sustainable approach to Secure's infrastructure and is committed to reducing Secure's carbon footprint.

Ananya is also guiding developments in user interface and product design, bringing a user centric approach to all of Secure's well engineered products. Ananya trained as an architect at the University of Bath and joined Secure in 2008 after working in practices in India and the UK. He is a technophile and avid cyclist.  

sunil.pngSunil Singhvi: CEO Energy

Sunil has worked at Secure since 1991. While most of his time has been spent growing the business of Secure in India, SE Asia and Africa, he has worked in many areas of the business. Through this he has a deep understanding of metering, its applications and markets.

Through these years Sunil has been active in IEEMA, the industry association. He was the head of its metering division for 4 years and a member of the governing board for the India Smart Grid Forum. At present Sunil is the Vice Chairman of IEEMA smart grid division and a member of IEEMA executive council. 

Sunil understanding of metering and the market makes him an ideal leader for the Energy SBU.