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Enlarging the canvas

Curiosity (jigyasa) is an important element without which a person will stagnate. The difference between ‘ordinary’ and ‘extra ordinary’ performance is the ‘extra’ and this comes through jigyasa or a constant desire to learn. ‘Enlarging the canvas’ encourages inquisitiveness by making connections with events and people around us. The purpose is to learn from successful people, be inspired by them to do our best at everything. It also encourages us to think differently, thereby stimulating innovation, developing a macro view of the world, and instilling pride in our country, and ourselves.

We cover one of seven topics in a one hour session– know our people, know our country and a world view, incredible India, power of doing things differently, innovation, and de-mystify economics. A section of a theme is covered in one session, the depth of discussion depends on the maturity of students and the time available. These topics are chosen to broaden students’ awareness of the world around them while encouraging them to think critically and carefully.

In today’s world, children must be able to relate what they learn to the real world. Context and application make learning interesting and useful, and this is exactly what Enlarging the Canvas aims to do. We have run these sessions with 3000 students and trainee teachers.