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Our brands

Legacy brands

Over time we have acquired or built technology companies. The brands, both home grown and acquired, have been retained either as corporate brands or product brands. The corporate brands that we retained are now consolidated under one banner, Secure.

Our corporate brand legacy includes established brands such as Horstmann Controls and Cewe Instrument, both of which carved a niche for themselves in the commercial, industrial and residential markets in some regions. These brands are retained as product brands in the regions where they have the greatest recall. Younger brands such as AEMS and Yatesmeter have been merged within Secure.

Product brands

Cewe Instrument offers complete instruments and solutions for electrical and energy measurement. The solutions are communications enabled and allow data-collection, processing and presentation for industry and power sectors. The products make the customers aware of energy consumption and empower them to control it; they can contribute to lowering carbon dioxide emissions.

With more than 50 years in business, Cewe Instrument has sales in more than 60 countries worldwide. In SE Asia and the Middle East it is a well known brand, noted for accuracy and reliability.

The instruments range from analogue panel instruments, electrical transducers, to high-end grid meters and advanced software-based electronic products, for the measurement and communication of energy data.

Horstmann Controls, now Secure Meters (UK) Ltd, is one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of controls for domestic heating systems, offering a comprehensive range of state-of-the-art solutions.

Established in 1854 as a manufacturer of timepieces, Horstmann diversified into many areas of precision engineering, including automobiles. The company first became involved in energy control products in the 1950s and during the next two decades developed an extensive range of central heating programmers and time switches. When control technologies migrated from electro-mechanical to electronic designs, Horstmann Controls was at the forefront and established an excellent reputation for the accuracy, quality and reliability of its products.

The Horstmann Controls branded products range from simple but effective mechanical programmers, cylinder and room thermostats and valves, through to sophisticated electronic programmers that meet the very latest building regulations criteria.

AEMS used to market Yatesmeters and services that use the capabilities of Yatesmeter, and is a technology company we acquired. It specifically deals with pump efficiency and fluid dynamics. The company was established in 1990 and joined the Secure Group in 2007. The AEMS technology forms the backbone for our pump monitoring and pump efficiency solutions.