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The management of our finances is imbued with our core values and we engage with our stakeholders in a fair and professional manner. Legal conditions aside, our attitude reflects our beliefs – integrity and fairness come above all else and this is observed in our relationships with all – including our employees, bankers, customers and suppliers. Long-term vision is never compromised for short-term profits.

Leading rating agencies have consistently shown confidence in our financial performance and our current rating is A+. The Secure Group (consolidated) has reported a CAGR of 57% in the last 5 years which remains unmatched in the industry. Geographical diversification within the group ensures stability in performance. Our strong foothold in the industry and business is also reflected in the longstanding relationships we have with our banks, our financing partners. One of our core beliefs is the need to borrow with great care and never more than we are sure of repaying, and as a consequence Secure has never, ever defaulted on any financial obligations.

A key to delivering this foundation is a focus on the customer and on quality. This has allowed us to grow and deliver world class products across the globe. Being reliable and of good quality, our products have a low lifetime cost. This has only been made possible by entering into a partnership with our supply chain, that is by working together with our suppliers on the quality and timeliness of deliveries. This gives us a strong competitive edge in the market. Our customers trust our product, know our dealings will be fair and they take pride in being a partner with us on our journey.

We remain committed to delivering robust solutions to the markets, meeting our financial objectives and global energy conservation goals.