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At Secure, we believe in continuous improvement. This means that we must learn from our mistakes.

As our customers know, we understand the pain they face if our products and systems fail. But that is not enough. We must be proactive in resolving such problems.

How rigorously we investigate an issue is just as important as how quickly we resolve it. No problem remains unsolved, thanks to our team’s unwavering commitment to finding an answer, no matter how long it takes. 

“No problem remains unsolved, no matter how long it takes” 

We have permanently eliminated a varied range of past problems in areas including electronics and components, software, packaging, plastics, tamper and high temperatures.

Many of our products and systems are truly groundbreaking. So we must rely on our own creativity and expertise when improving them.

“Many of our products and systems are groundbreaking. So we must rely on our own creativity and expertise when improving them”

Root-level solutions

The most difficult parts of solving a problem are to reproduce it and find the root cause.

We meticulously record every problem that our customers report, categorise them by type and assign them to the teams of specialists responsible for identifying the cause of each failure.

Sometimes one solution can solve multiple problems. This is because our product designs are developed using fundamental design blocks. If we find a problem with a design block, we identify other products that may suffer from the same failure and track them to resolve the issue, sometimes before our customers ever experiences the problem we identify.   

We ensure that our guidelines and test plans evolve as we acquire knowledge. And our management process improves as we learn from every failure using Corrective and Preventive Action (CAPA).

“We ensure that our guidelines and test plans evolve as we acquire knowledge”

Supplier partnerships, improved quality

Many problems are rooted in the interface between third-party products, such as device drivers, and our own. And in the smart metering space, communications networks can also cause failures. Such problems are harder to solve, so here we work closely with long-sighted suppliers and network providers to find solutions. Indeed, if ever we find that in-house knowledge is insufficient, we collaborate with experts and laboratories across the globe.

“Wherever we find that our knowledge is not enough, we collaborate with experts and laboratories across the globe”

Transparency, action, trust

We have always been open with our customers about all areas, including possible risks. It’s helped us to win their confidence.

This frequently takes us beyond our contractual liability, running pilot projects to resolve issues onsite, for example; or helping clients beyond their product’s warranty period. It’s a win-win approach, because we always learn from helping our customers.

“We always learn from helping customers”

Past errors, build future success

Over time, thanks to robust design principles, circuit simulations, revision control, in-built diagnostics, stress analysis and latent failure analysis we have improved the reliability of our products to market-leading levels.

We take pride in our products and our ability to work with our customers and suppliers to resolve any issues that arise. And we’re always open to listening to all of our stakeholders. After all, this is the easiest (and best) route to continuous improvement.