Secure’s leadership team, the Group Executive, includes our Group CEO, CEOs from each strategic business units (SBUs) and the heads of all the functions that support the SBUs. This makes us a team of 12 experienced and dedicated professionals.

Each member of our Group Executive is responsible for their area of the business, but at the same time we work collectively to make the whole business more effective. It is our deeply held belief is that for the business to be effective, each function must be at its most efficient. A lot of our time is spent ensuring that we are able to work out an optimum point for the end-users of energy.

While we walk this tight line, we also work on developing business strategy. Our most important role is to consider the future carefully and to steer the business through an ever changing landscape. Working with our non-executive directors, we set the goals for the business and work tirelessly to achieve them.

The combination of our Group Executive and Board of Directors has proved very successful. Working together we have been able to take some very significant decisions in our product portfolio for customers. The Board also helps us in the policy and regulatory arenas. It is our goal to make this potent combination drive us on, in the future