Quality is not a destination but a journey all employees undertake together

Our goal is to build an enduring and ethical business through the involvement of our employees at all levels. As a business, we deliver products and services that add value to our customers. We want their experience of dealing of us to have the feel of excellence and be of a higher quality than expected.

While that is the experience we want our stakeholders to take away, for us, quality is not a destination but a journey. Our employees, Secure’s most essential asset, are critical to developing and operating processes that will help achieve business goals and deliver excellent service to our stakeholders.

At Secure, we focus on people, processes and systems to ensure continual growth in all verticals. This is accompanied by a culture that values accountability, responsibility and commitment.

Simple, easy-to-operate processes are essential

The sustained involvement of people, when operating systems and running processes, is essential. All of this should be done consistently and easily. We are in transition; and are moving from traditional quality management to management quality with the leadership team leading from the front. This they are doing by developing and maintaining the culture and guiding teams by setting examples.

We believe simple and easy-to-operate processes are essential to run the business effectively and efficiently. While processes should be common across all regions or countries that we work in, they should take into account the different needs of the market. To ensure suitability, we brainstorm with all the stakeholders and then develop processes. With involvement comes acceptance; people take responsibility and ‘own’ the processes and their outcomes.

We aim to deliver a six sigma performance in all verticals

We use positrol controls in evaluating processes to maintain a CpK > 1.6, ensuring minimal variability. This variability control approach is imbibed in the culture of the organisation and is practiced aggressively to achieve consistent and easy outcome.

We are certified for ISO 9001ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001, globally. To retain our competence in metrology and continue to meet the obligatory requirements, we maintain four accredited laboratories. Design and development processes follow CMMi level 3 certification and we intend to continue the journey towards achieving level 5. Since information and data security are key aspects of our business as we provide services to our customers, Secure has subscribed to ISO 27001 globally.

Through the continuous engagement of our people in the control of variability in all the processes and systems, our goal is to develop an organisation that delivers a 6σ performance in all verticals.