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  • Foresight

    Conceived the idea of entering the electricity metering business

  • Choosing the right path

    CALMU technology identified and technical collaboration with Polymeters signed

  • Hard work rewarded

    India's first electronic electricity meter order received from the Ahemedabad's Electricity Company (AECO)

  • Spreading our wings

    Product assembling started First branch offices started in Mumbai and Delhi Accuchek, the portable meter testing equipment launched

  • Small steps in our journey

    The first class 0.2 accuracy product in the country was developed

  • Establishing a footprint

    Moved to a purpose built manufacturing unit in Udaipur

  • Being first

    First World Bank contract for metering in Orissa

  • Customer focus and innovation

    Govt of India national award for the best R&D in electrical sector

  • Thinking globally

    First Indian electrical manufacturer to invest in overseas business, invested in PRI Ltd. UK Global exports begin ISO-9000 certification achieved in record time

  • Expanding to meet customers demand

    Manufacturing set up at Solan, Himachal Pradesh

  • A break through in grid metering

    Apex, the grid metering system launched

  • Working to deliver consumer convenience without compromising quality

    World's first online prepayment vending system launched with contract from Northern Ireland
    UKAS accreditation achieved

  • The focus on exports pays off

    Ofgem approvals gained

    Received the first government of India export award

  • Innovations are supported by capacity expansion

    Bated plant set up in Himachal Pradesh to meet increasing demand

    The launch of metering related services, Low Power Radio powered AMR system, and STARS, the ABT metering software

  • Improving quality because of grounds-up participation

    Recognition at a national level in Six Sigma and Quality Circles projects

  • Reaching the Pacific

    Australian operations started meter sales in Australia

  • New businesses, new products, new customers

    Acquired Swedish metering company Cewe Instrument

    > Launched Prodigy, distribution transformer metering unit

    Australia - i-Credit 400 Launch

    First Powercor, SP AusNet and ACTEWAGL meter supply

  • Persistance pays

    ISO:14000 certification for environment management received

    Receveid prestigeous Queen's award for outstanding performance in international business
    First integral energy meter supply
    Legislative amendment to enact Victorian AMI rollout

    AMI trials in Victoria and first meter supply
    Smart meter launched

  • Smart initiatives

    ISO:27001 certification for information management security achieved

    Acquired well known British company Horstmann Controls.

    Entry in to home controls and energy management business

    Horizon, the AMI system launched

    PRI Australasia incorporated

  • Winning Victoria

    First smart metering/AMI order from Victoria, Australia, further growth of the smart grid business.
    Won a first prize in Six Sigma competition jointly organised by Indian Statistical Institute and Quality Council of India, held at Bangalore.

  • Tenacity helps us deliver smart meters

    CMMi Level 3 certification achieved

    Citipower/Powercor first production meter supplied

  • Testing for accuracy

    Received India Power Award for the year

    ISO:17025 accredited laboratory established in Udaipur

  • Another weapon in the energy saving arsenal

    Pump performance monitoring system Censeo lauched

  • Focusing on the user helps us lead the way

    The smart metering kit was the only SMETS1 compliant system available in the UK at the time.

  • 2014 Manipur

    Customers have found pre-payment the most convenient way to purchase electricity and have developed the habit of paying for it. This North Eastern state had one of the highest AT&C losses. The Chief Minister was determined to improve things and set the SEB to deploy pre-payment metering in the state. Liberty was used in their first trial area where losses were >70%; losses halved. Most importantly though, customers have found pre-payment the most convenient way to purchase electricity and have developed the habit of paying for it.
    Today, there are over 150K Liberty users.

  • Simple and small but powerful

    Prometer 100, high accuracy meter for power transfer points with modular communication features launched.

    Saral, the smallest single phase meter in the world launched.