Arvind Singhal

Arvind Singhal has worked in industry for over forty years. He is the Managing Director of Wolkem India Ltd, an Indian mineral mining major. He has been involved with both business and sports organisations in a leading role; he serves as vice-president of the Badminton Association of India. He has been associated with Secure Meters since 1987. He brings his experience in business and finance to the board. Mr Singhal brings a long term view on finance to the board.


Sanjaya Singhal

Sanjaya Singhal founded Secure and played a pioneering role in introducing electronic metering to address tamper, fraud and poor data quality within utilities. He is a recognised expert in the energy supply chain, electronic manufacturing and business strategy. As the Chairman of the Council of Advisors and the Board, Mr Singhal advises the business on strategy. His passions include Sanskrit, photography and teaching. He will continue to mentor Secure team members both in technical areas and in how important living our values is for the business.


Nandita Singhal

Nandita has worked at Secure from 2006, she has been involved with the company since its inception. This helicopter view of the business helped drive Secure’s strategy. Her values based approach has strengthened Secure’s brand in all our territories and propagated a culture that we can all be proud of. Nandita led the corporate communication group at Secure and spearheaded the employee engagement programmes as well as starting our volunteering programmes. She is a member of Secure’s board of directors and Council of Advisors. She continues to work with the team at Secure, steering development from a design, usability and communications perspective.


Salil Singhal

Salil Singhal is the Chairman of the Secure Meters Board and its Council of Advisors . Active within industry since 1965, in diverse fields of agrochemicals, fine chemicals, mining & metering, he has been associated with the Secure Group since its inception. Mr. Singhal is currently a member of National Council of the Confederation of Indian Industries (CII), India's largest Industry Chamber. He is on the Boards of several companies, in the fields of steel, building construction materials and the hotel industry. He is connected with several cultural and social organisations. Mr Singhal brings a strong marketing and business development focus and an international outlook to the Board.