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We are an organisation that cares

Policies and compliance
Secure Meters is OSHAS 18001 certified and has very well-articulated and published policies about health, safety and the environment.

In accordance with this policy, Secure is committed to eliminating occupational hazards and providing a safe hygienic workplace for all our employees, with some specific initiatives as detailed below:

Ergonomically designed workplace for joyful working experience
Regular employee health checkups
Health awareness programs
Doctors’ visit (twice every week)
First aid room & full time nursing staff
Hygienic hot food in canteen
Greenery across all facilities
ROHS compliant components
Safe work stations
Regular blood donation camps
Round the clock onsite ambulance facility

These initiatives reinforce our belief and behaviour system, as an organisation that cares;  which in turn enables us to increase productivity, reduce absenteeism and enhance retention. 

Secure has an excellent safety track record. This is a result of concentrated efforts to build safety awareness across all levels and ensuring that every workplace in Secure is safe by observing the following:

Installation & up keep of fire prevention/protection equipment.
Adequate number of emergency exits and easily accessible assembly points
Promoting safety culture through regular training
Encouraging employee involvement on safety issues
Validating Emergency Preparedness Plans through regular mock drills
Awareness training on use of personal protective equipment and fire extinguishers

We believe that safely is the responsibility of every individual and it can be achieved through effective involvement, engagement and open communication across all levels in the organisation. 

With this objective in mind, we have created an empowered safety committee consisting of persons from every function. This committee undertakes safety initiatives and work towards building and strengthening safety culture in the organisation. 

For Secure, safety awareness is not only limited to the workplace but even extends to commuting from home and beyond. The organisation has mandated that every employee who is using her or his own vehicle must wear a helmet / seat belt .We also provide a bus facility for employees, which helps to ensure safe commuting.

Secure provides products and solutions that are directed towards improving energy efficiency and thereby reducing carbon emission. It has been categorised under the ‘Green Category Factory’.

As a part of our social responisbiltiy and to conserve the natural resources, Secure has always taken firm steps and initiatives, such as :

Solar power generation
Tree planting by employees
Rainwater harvesting
Zero discharge
STP- Severage treatment plant.
Waste disposal as per international norms
Monitoring of carbon footprints
Monitoring of energy usage
Monitoring of dust level at work place
Banning of hazardous substances like thermocol
Clean surroundings with ample greenery