At Secure, we understand that water is a scarce resource that has to be used effectively. This thinking has led us to ensure we harvest the rainwater in all of our major Indian sites and use it for gardening. We have 3 manufacturing plants, we treat all our waste water and use it in the garden, last year we treated over 1,500 kilolitres of water.At our largest plant in India we are purifying and recirculating used water for flushing.
Our manufacturing process does not need water, we consume water for gardening, human use and consumption. We have been fitting low flow water fittings at our owned premises.




Any industrial process creates waste, ours is no different. At Secure, we believe that the business must endure for generations. This drives us to ensure we are responsible custodians of the space around us. 80% of our industrial waste is re-used or recycled. What remains is responsibly disposed according to industrial best practises. We maintain our own lithium battery disposal pits to ensure this is done most effectively.

We have sewage treatment facilities in all our major plants, we also use bio-digestors for all biodegradeable waste. The solid waste is combined with compost to safely enrich our gardens.




A green and natural environment is conducive to a healthy and happy work environment. Secure’s own facilities in Udaipur and Solan in India are filled with trees and plants.

The amount of space used for garden and planting is greater than 14%.The garden is planted with native trees and bushes, we are working on reducing the amount of water hungry grass and increasing the amount of vegetables and fruit we grow on our sites. These are completely organic and used in the canteens. Any extra produce is sold to employees. This has been a very popular initiative and we are increases the amount of vegetables we are producing.




The amount of energy we use is directly proportional to our carbon emissions. In 2011 we chose to look at how we could reduce our carbon intensity. Carbon intensity is the ratio of carbon emissions to our revenue. 

Over the past few years we have also installed around 500 kWp of solar power generation and around 50 kWp of solar hot water.

Our carbon intensity is now at an industry leading 0.174 MT CO2e/ `Mn 

Secure is intent on reducing this further. We have committed to improve the efficiency of our buildings and our core processes. Building expansions are subject to strict specifications for energy performance.