Creativity and self-expression are two key tools in today’s rapidly changing world. Art is great medium to inclucate these, and many other key skills, in young people. We have run camps in collaboration with Shahid Parvez to promote young artists as well as working with school children to develop their interest in art and creativity. 

When Taare Zameen Par was nominated for the Oscars, Shahid Parvez, an emminent artist from Udaipur, wanted to send them a message from the children of the city.  To involve as many children as possible, he came up with a novel idea; getting them to write their messages on cloth. This became a medium for children to explore and express their creativity. Together with Dharohar volunteers children from all over the city created a stunning 800 metre long message with extraordinary creativity. This art work was exhibited on the Paal at Fateh Sagar and at Udaipur Airport (at their request). 

Lakdi ki Kathi another art camp for children, but one with a difference. During this camp the children painted wooden rocking horses, as we wanted to revitalise a dying craft, memories of childhood and to allow children to express themselves through painting the rocking horses.

A 17' tall iron horse was also made by local metal workers and painted by Shahid and his team. The resulting art work was displayed for 5 days at Manek Chowk, the courtyard outside the imposing City Palace of Udaipur. From here the display went to the Paal (dam) on Fateh Sagar. It was as if both these places were made specially for the horses.


tzp2.png tzp1.png colour.png horse.png