We run 4 different programs at the Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya in Gurgaon, a government run boarding schools for high achieving students from rural areas. We aim to instil a strong sense of empathy, self-awareness and critical thinking whilst giving students a chance to relax from their hectic, academically-focused school lives. For the new students in class VI, we run a gardening and mentoring program to help them settle in to the new environment and provide a strong and trustworthy role model, reading clubs with students in class VII and VIII to build self-awareness and empathy and provide a space where children can safely discuss their own struggles and challenges, Keep Moving Movement and Debate clubs for class IX and X to build strong decision making skills and the ability to advocate for themselves and others as the students prepare to leave school for the next stage in their lives. These run on alternate weeks, and a sports and games club runs for all students in the weeks in between.