How can retailers benefit?

  • Direct, flexible and versatile access and facility to transact remotely with smart meters and connected devices, helps retailers to grow market share, whilst keeping costly and disruptive site visits to a minimum.

    Complete access to service APIs via web service calls, allows easy integration and reduces the overall system integration cost.
    Improved billing-cycle-time and accuracy, results in better debt management. 
    Credit and PAYG mode in every meter can very significantly reduce the cost to serve.

    Remote move in and move outs, real-time site information and fault detection avoid the need for costly, multiple site visits.
    Innovative time-of-use pricing reflect a thorough understanding of consumers' usage patterns.

  • How can consumers benefit?

  • No more estimated readings; consumers are billed for actual usage during the billing period. PAYG option is available which ends 'bill shocks' and allows top-ups as per convenience or usage.

    In-home displays present comprehensive usage information, providing opportunities for consumers to make informed choices about managing their energy consumption and take advantage of flexible pricing plans which can lower their energy costs.
    Monitoring and managing energy usage more carefully has potential to reduce our environmental footprint for the benefit of all.

  • How can MPs and MDPs benefits

  • Using open-standards based web APIs, the Liberty solution is robust and versatile and our failsafe installation processes significantly reduce costs.

    Pattern approved meters with modular communications with hot swappable/field replaceable communication devices, future proofs installed assets and allows the potential for multi-utility metering. All meters support switching between credit and PAYG modes remotely, which majorly eases and reduces the costs of maintaining the inventory.
    The Liberty solution is extremely flexible and both credit and PAYG modes are available to support diverse offerings of traditional flat rates, TOU, peak / off-peak and co-generation.
    Multi-vendor SIM will maximise network coverage; thereby mitigating the number of meters in the field deployed without comms (Type 4a). Managed telecommunications services (by Secure) avoid the need for separate contracts with telecommunication companies in-turn saving time and hassle and facilitating low cost to serve.The system records and notifies about power-quality drops, providing instant information of a power outage in the system,enabling swift management and resolution.

    • Liberty 120
    • Liberty 120 is a single-phase, single-element smart meter that provides flexibility through a modular design to accommodate the latest cellular communications technologies.  Liberty 120 paves the way for reliable data transfer, making it the ideal solution for AMI applications.

      The meter supports remote firmware upgrade, allowing metering and communications features and functionality to be updated in the field. This enhances flexibility, and makes the utility’s investment future-proof.

      Liberty 120 is an integrated part of Secure’s Liberty Online advanced metering solution.