After the success of our intelligent metering products in India, we introduced state-of-the-art electronic energy meters to the South East Asian markets. Products with revenue protection features from Secure enabled utilities to reduce commercial loss and improve energy management. With SE Asian utilities looking for accurate and reliable measurement, we developed other intelligent products to help the SE Asian consumer manage energy use more effectively.

Metering technology with advanced revenue protection (Sprint and Premier) and automatic meter reading (AMR) features from Secure have been deployed in Malaysia since 2004. With continuous growth in the business, along with our local partner Krizik (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd., we decided to set up local manufacturing in Malaysia in 2005. As a consequence of a continually increasing need for products, the existing manufacturing set up was expanded in 2008 and further enhanced to cater to the next generation of smart AMI meters.

In Indonesia, Prodigy has helped the utility to manage their inventory and logistics better, eliminating the need for a different range of current transformers (CT), separate meters and boxes. 

In Indonesia, Prodigy with its unique, integrated thread-through design has been deployed across the archipelago on distribution transformers and for large power consumers to ease installation, remote meter reading and prevent theft. Prodigy has helped the utility better manage their inventory and logistics, eliminating the need for a different range of current transformers(CT), separate meters and boxes. It has also eliminated the need for on-site specialised skills for wiring, installation and commissioning - thus minimising installation related errors and losses. Over the years, the integrated design and accuracy (of meter and inbuilt CTs) have helped to take accurate measurements and made it difficult for users to tamper, thus improving overall revenue.

Modular advanced metering systems have been deployed for a pilot in Singapore; accurate and reliable metering is being put in place in Myanmar; The Philippines are using advance revenue protection 

Moving ahead, our modular advanced metering systems (iCredit 510 and Sprint 210 with RF mesh module) were deployed for a pilot in Singapore. These can enable utilities to manage their demand and empower the customer to reduce their carbon footprint.

In Myanmar, Secure is helping government and private utilities with accurate and reliable metering across the electricity supply chain.

Electric cooperatives in the Philippines are using advanced revenue protection enabled single phase meters.

We are also a leading supplier of panel indicating instruments, multi-function panel meters, transducers and energy meters for industrial and grid application for major OEMs and panel builders in Vietnam, Thailand, South Korea and Malaysia, amongst other countries. The Cewe Instrument brand is well known and respected for quality and reliability across the region.

We continue to look ahead to a future where we can help utilities improve their revenue realisation. Our systems can help large industries, housing complexes, commercial complexes etc to reduce costs, by conserving substantial amounts of energy and bringing down their carbon emissions as a result.

Our team in Udaipur helps to serve the South East Asian market.