Case Studies 

Being a pioneer in intelligent, solid state electricity metering and working in electricity metering for over 25 years, has given us a lot of valuable experience in this domain. As we have expanded into gas metering and home heating controls, we have gained more expertise in this arena and in the area of smart systems for homes.

White Papers 

  • Distribution reforms and metering
  • Harmonics in power system and metering
  • Interoperability standard for energy meters- an Indian experience
  • Summation Metering


  • Energy efficiency in homes
  • Prepayment in Manipur: achieving load control and revenue completion
  • Meter Data Acquisition System Implementation - Metering International | Issue 2-2013
  • Managing Reactive Power - Power Watch India | Issue August - 2012


Conference on Profitability through Energy Conservation & Efficiency

Press Clippings