Accuchek-LT+ is a portable device for error testing of low voltage direct-connected or CT-operated energy meters installed in the field.  A range of clamp-on CTs is available to suit different current ranges. Operation is menu-driven for ease of use and the enclosure is rugged, ensuring years of reliable service in the field.  It supports both static and electro-mechanical meter types, and can be used to test single-phase or three-phase meters.



  • Service testing of energy meters

    Electricity meters are the main source of revenue for energy suppliers. Without accurate metering data the supplier will lose revenue. Suppliers are responsible for ensuring that metering is installed and maintained correctly, so that consumers are billed correctly. Meters are sometimes installed incorrectly, with wires swapped over, or with incorrectly configured instrument transformers. The inherent complexity of three-phase installations makes such errors difficult to detect and rectify.

    For these reasons it is essential to perform periodic in-service testing of meters and associated equipment.

  • Key Feature

    • Compact, portable unit for in-service accuracy testing of low voltage electricity meters
    • High accuracy (Class 0.2S with ring-type CT, or Class 0.5S in clamp-on mode)
      • Highly precise display of percentage error of the meter under test
      • Ring-type and clamp-on CTs for testing meter without disconnecting power supply
    • Wide current range
      • up to 10 A in direct mode with ring-type CT
      • up to 500 A with clamp-on CT
    • Tri-vector energy measurement
      • Electrical energy is measured in all quadrants with high accuracy
    • Optical sensor works with LEDs and with rotating disc indicators
      • Compatible with all electronic and electro-mechanical meters
    • Extensive data storage for test results
      • Internal non-volatile memory stores up to 175 test results
      •  Data can be downloaded to software (supplied with unit) for analysis and reporting
    • Ergonomic design for fatigue-free operation
      • Easy mounting arrangement
      • Simple menu-driven operation for meter testing
    • RS-232 Port
      • Integral communication port for interfacing with PC for analysis and reporting
    • Specification
    • System architecture
    • Voltage

      240 V ± 30%

      Basic current

      1 - 2 A, 5 - 10 A (direct mode)

      Clamp-on CT

      100 A/200 A/300 A/500 A


      50 Hz ± 5%


      Class 0.2S in direct mode


      Class 0.5S with clamp-on CT

      Maximum current          

      120% Ib

      Power factor     

      0 lagging to UPF to 0 leading

      Temperature range       

      -10 °C to +50 °C


      10.5 kg (approx.)

      Dimensions (W x H x D)

      465 x 350 x 165 mm (approx.)


      Fully insulated cables for voltage and current


      RS-232 serial port for data transfer to analysis software (included)

      Optical scanner frequency range

      Up to 200 Hz, un-modulated.

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