Our vision: To provide better quality care at the same cost, so that people can live in their own home for longer, safer and with greater independence.

Ensuring our ageing population receives quality care is a critical need. Secure’s focus is to leverage technology that can improve the quality of care given to older adults at home. The solution provides measures to protect and reassure service users, families and care providers, and helps reduce the cost of care provision at home.

Connecting older adults to their families and care providers with Beanbag Care helps mitigate isolation and anxiety, and promotes independent living as a sustainable and positive experience


quality of care

Lower the cost

Lower the cost
of care provision

Support older adults

Support older adults to
live safely at home for longer


Reduce reliance on
health and social services

Lower the cost

Help older adults feel less
isolated and lonely

Support older adults

Peace of mind for service
user and family


Four services addressing multiple user needs are being offered either individually, or as an integrated solution, which is a step change enabling councils and local government to fulfil their duty of care and optimise their budgets. Care agencies can provide more, with the teams that are available.