Prodigy is a genuine innovation in the field of three-phase direct-connected metering. It is an integrated meter with built-in current transformers, eliminating the need for external CTs and accessories. Prodigy is based on the innovative concept of thread-through connections, which helps maintain overall system accuracy and revenue integrity. It has an integrated GSM/GPRS modem for automatic and remote meter reading (AMR/RMR).



  • Distribution transformer (DT) metering

    Distribution is the most vulnerable link in the power supply chain. Most of the electricity theft and losses happen in the low tension network. Huge losses occur in the distribution sector due to drops in the joints at terminations, tamper and fraud at terminals, and poor installation practices.

    The traditional set-up for DT metering relies on external CTs connected to a meter box. This leads to a complex metering unit, and a range of external CT variants have to be provided to cater for different ratings.

    Prodigy is a wide-range device that eliminates the need for external CTs, meter box and other accessories, while improving system accuracy and integrity.

    Low-voltage high-current commercial metering

    The absence of external CTs and connections helps prevent energy theft, and makes Prodigy well suited for high current low voltage commercial installations.

  • Key Feature

    • Better overall system accuracy compared to a traditional meter and associated CTs
    • Easier to install than traditional DT metering
    • Reduced cost for equipment, installation and maintenance by eliminating the need for external CTs, meter enclosure and accessories
    • Increased reliability and tamper resistance compared with traditional installations
    • Easy diagnosis of installation faults via a complete set of instantaneous electrical parameters
    • Specification
    • Connection type:

      Direct connected

      Wiring configuration:

      3 phase 4 wire

      Voltage range:

      240 V (L-N)

      Current range:

      40-200 A

      Accuracy Class:           


      Mains frequency:

      50 Hz ± 5%



      Insulation class:

      Protective class II

      Impulse withstand:

      10 kV

      Dimensions (W x H x D):

      360 mm x 281 mm x 242 mm (approx.)


      4.5 kg (approx)


      Engineering plastic


      Thread-through design suitable for current up to 200 A

      Ingress protection:

      IP 54