One of the key challenges faced by distribution utilities is that they often do not know the correct location and details of all their electrical assets deployed in the field.

GIS-based Asset Mapping and Consumer Indexing is the service we offer to identify and register the electrical connectivity and geographical position of every asset and consumer connected to the power distribution network. The service includes field surveys for substations, lines, transformers and consumers, with relevant pole coding. We deliver accurate and verified information, using electrical documentation software. 

How it can be used

  • Network surveying and asset mapping for distribution utilities when planning maintenance and upgrades
  • Identification of the correct source of consumers to facilitate accurate energy accounting
  • Updating the consumer database for distribution utilities
  • Asset mapping and consumer indexing for distribution franchisees

What makes it special

  • Smart hand-held unit (HHU) for capturing asset details, together with associated attributes
  • Base map navigation, with GPS/DGPS technology for precise collection of spatial data
  • Predefined and configurable survey forms, with user-friendly options, in smart HHU device
  • Error-free identification of consumers and their electrical connections
  • Accurate detection and tracking of unauthorised and non-registered connection
    • In-house developed hardware tool, Addchek™,for accurate consumer source identification
    • Addchek is an instrument used in the field for identifying consumers connected to the LT side of a distribution transformer. Addchek comprises a transmitter (signal injector) and a receiver. For a particular injector, a number of receivers can be used at consumers’ premises.
    • Identification of which phase of the supply each LT consumer is connected to

Key Feature

    • GPS/DGPS-based asset and consumer surveying, with base map navigation.
    • Technology-aided field surveying, with photographs for on-the-spot data validation
    • Advanced proprietary Addchek™ technology, for correct DT-to-consumer mapping.
    • System architecture
    • indexing.png