As with any other measuring instrument, the accuracy of an energy meter can drift over time. Energy registration is the basic input for every energy-related business process, so the accuracy of energy meters has significant financial consequences,  and requires periodic monitoring.

Through our on-site meter testing service, we measure the accuracy of an energy metering system without removing it from the circuit, thus avoiding the complexity of decommissioning and recommissioning the whole metering system.  The meter under test is compared with a reference meter of superior accuracy.

How it can be used:

In any business related to energy, the energy meter is the cash register. Without an accurate meter, the utility is likely to lose money.  Our meter testing service provides information on the accuracy of the meter. This service enables the utility to take timely and effective action to maintain a healthy cash registration system.

In addition to meter testing, any abnormalities observed at the testing site are noted by the field team and reported to the utility, so that appropriate action can be taken to avoid electricity theft. This additional information is an effective tool to help plug revenue losses.

What makes it special:

Meter test results, along with other details and observations, are sent from the field to a central location over GPRS, without any human intervention. This ensures reliable test results, real-time monitoring of field activity, and immediate information about revenue leakage.

A dedicated team follows a stringent process developed in conjunction with utilities, ensuring high quality service .


Key Feature

    • Onsite accuracy testing of energy metering systems
    • High accuracy reference meter, Class 0.2 with integral CT and class 0.5 with external clamp CT
    • Test results transferred automatically over GPRS to central server without human intervention
    • Immediate Real-time report of field activity over internet
    • Test reports accessible over internet
    • Specification
    • Testimonials
      • All testing performed according to relevant standards (IS-15707) and guidelines
      • On-demand testing of specific meter within 24 hours
      • Stringent quality assurance process comprises three-step validation for erratic meters
      • Real-time field monitoring through central application to avoid any mistakes or malpractice in the field
      • Dependable and accurate meter testing equipment,  traceable through NABL-accredited laboratory

      Test report downloadable from website 

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