Apex 100 is a long-range high-end precision meter, specifically designed for precise measurement at generation plants, transmission substations and bulk power transfer points. Multiple communications options make it fully compatible with existing substation systems, while providing future-proof capability and optimised engineering. Apex 100 supports widely accepted Modbus and ICS DLMS open data exchange protocols for ease of reading and integration with other systems.



  • On-line monitoring of energy exchange at various interface points

    Full four-quadrant import/export metering with active, reactive and apparent measurement, together with multiple communications channels makes it easy to integrate with e-Watch ss ABT and other monitoring systems.

    Metering for availability-based tariffs (ABT) and open-access systems

    Supports ABT tariffs and parameters required for measurement at grid interface points.

  • Key Feature

    • Wide measuring current range (1-10 amp)
    • Class 0.2S accuracy for active and reactive measurement
    • Intuitive graphical display of electrical parameters and data
    • Dynamic error compensation support for external CT/VT
    • Simultaneous Modbus and DLMS communications over Ethernet port
    • Multiple communications provision for local, remote and networking, e.g. optical, RS-232, RS-485, Ethernet and USB
    • Standard industrial rack mounting 
    • Specification
    • Testimonials
    • Electrical


      Connection type


      Wiring configuration

      3-phase 3-wire, 3-phase 4-wire

      Voltage range (L-N/L-L)

      57.7/100 V to 69.3/120 V (configurable)

      Current range

      Ib: 1-5 A (configurable)


      Imax: up to 10A (configurable)

      Accuracy Class


      Mains frequency

      50 Hz ± 5%






      IEC 62053-22, IS 14697


      IS 15959




      Dimensions (W x H x D)


      19” rack (up to two meters)

      428 × 133 × 260 mm (approx.)

      11” rack (single meter)

      299 × 133 × 260 mm (approx.)


      Translucent polycarbonate cover (with transparent window for display) and overall mild steel body


      Sealable screws on the front and back fascia of meter

      Sealing provision for optical port and MD reset button


      6 kg approx. (with rack)





      -10 ºC to +55 ºC (operating)


      -20 ºC to +65 ºC (storage)


      95% non-condensing




      Auxiliary supply

      Dual auxiliary supply provision for 48-276 V AC/DC


      Option for auxiliary supply 24-48 V DC


      Option for self-powered supply, with one auxiliary supply


      Large backlit graphical LCD, with three buttons for parameter selection

      Pulse outputs

      Four volt-free outputs, rated for 100 mA, 110-230 V AC/DC, pulse width 80 ms. LEDs indicate status of pulse outputs.

      Pulse input

      One time synchronisation input, rated for 100 mA, 24-40 V DC



      Local reading

      Optical port (1107)


      Optional USB (Type A) port

      Remote reading

      Optional RS-232/RS-485 port for connecting to GSM/GPRS modem


      Optional Ethernet (Modbus and DLMS over TCP/IP) for online monitoring and SCADA integration

    • Central Power Distribution Company, A.P. central

      “APCPDCL has a road map to achieve a smart grid in the near future. That needs smart meters with communications channels, and input and output options. This makes the new Apex 100 meters suitable for APCPDCL, and does away with the need to reinvest in new metering when the smart grid is in place.”

      Central Power Distribution Company, A.P. north

       “With the high range of secondary currents of 1A and 10A availability in the meter, we can use the same meter for 1A secondary current applications and also for 5A secondary current applications. With this facility in the meter we can limit the stock, as it is useful for 1A as well as 5A secondary currents.”