Apex 150 is a specially designed wall-mounted energy meter for bulk power transfer points, where precise measurement and accurate revenue transactions are essential. Its modular communications options enable easy integration with existing automatic meter reading (AMR), supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA), and substation automation systems (SAS).



  • Grid and feeder metering

    Precise measurement of mass energy flow at grid and feeder points, for analysis and revenue collection

    Power plants/wind turbines/Solar generation

    Accurate measurement of exported energy, for revenue collection and billing

    Online monitoring of transmission and distribution points

    Enables online monitoring of transmission and distribution feeders, and can be interfaced with e-Watch ss ABT software from Secure Meters, for ABT monitoring

    CT/VT and transformer error compensation

    Supports compensation factors for known errors of external CT/VT and power transformers, to ensure precise and reliable measurement under all load conditions

  • Key Feature

    • Class 0.2S accuracy for active and reactive measurements
    • Provision of RS-232, RS-485 and Ethernet ports in a single product, with support for simultaneous communications through all three ports
    • Simultaneous DLMS and Modbus communications through Ethernet port
    • Intuitive graphical display featuring vector diagrams, waveforms and bar charts
    • Wide-range dual auxiliary supply, with options for AC/DC and self-power (VT powered)
    • Advanced alarm signalling for harmonic or voltage anomalies
    • Specification
    • Accuracy class


      Measurement voltage range

      57.7 V or 63.5 V (L-N) for HV4, 100 or 110 V (L-L) for HV3

      Auxiliary power supply: 60 V to 240 V AC/DC, or 24 to 48 V DC, ±20%


      Current range: 1 A to 10 A (field configurable)

      Mains frequency: 50 Hz, ±5%

      Dimensions (W x H x D):

      200 mm x 300 mm x 100 mm, wall  mounted

      External battery

      field-replaceable, AA size, for display/meter reading during power outage

      Ingress protection

      IP 54

      Pulse inputs/outputs:


      7 dedicated digital outputs

      4 configurable as pulse inputs or outputs

      Communications ports and protocol:


      Optical 1107 port (DLMS)

      RS-232 (DLMS)

      RS-485 (DLMS or Modbus)

      Ethernet (DLMS and Modbus simultaneously)