ECD 310 is a compact GSM/GPRS modem specifically designed for remote meter reading applications. Its compact size enables it to be fitted under the meter’s terminal cover, providing a neat, tamper-resistant installation. No additional power connections are needed, as ECD 310 takes its power from the meter’s RS-232 communications port. ECD 310 modems can be ‘daisy-chained’ together, providing a cost-effective solution for remote automatic meter reading (AMR) in conjunction with base computer software (BCS).



  • Remote Automatic Meter Reading

    ECD 310 enables automatic data transfer between energy meters and a central station over the GSM/GPRS communications network. It provides a cost-effective solution for remote automatic meter reading (AMR) and eliminates the need for routine visits for meter reading. Utilities benefit from increased revenue and a reduction in expenditure for data collection. Consumer satisfaction is increased, as they receive bills based on accurate and timely meter readings.   

    Multiple Meter reading

    ECD 310 supports ‘daisy chain’ connections, allowing several meters to be read remotely using just one modem. Meters are looped together using RS-485 connections, and the ECD 310 is connected to one ‘master’ meter. This substantially reduces the cost of installation and operation to the utility. 

  • Key Feature

    • Intelligent modem for data transfer between a meter and the central data station
    • Automatic meter reading over GSM/GPRS
    • Automatic SMS notification of events and tamper attempts
    • Power outage notification via SMS
    • Auto-registration minimises installation time and errors
    • Compact modem fits under the terminal of the meter from which it takes its power
    • Multiple meter connectivity through serial RS-232 communication port, with daisy-chaining
    • LEDs for indicating modem operation
    • Power outage notification via SMS
    • Transparent GPRS channel for remote meter reading, with fixed or dynamic IP addressing
    • Specification
    • Testimonials
    • Power supply input

      Powered from RS-232 port of meter

      RJ-45 variants: 3.7 V @ 600 mA

      Operating frequency

      Dual-band EGSM /GPRS 900/GSM 1800MHz

      GPRS multi-slot class

      Class 10

      Dimensions (W x H x D)

      58 mm x 75 mm x 37 mm (approx.)


      0.1 kg (approx.)



      SMA for antenna connection (with flying lead), RJ-45 for connection to meter

      SIM card

      externally accessible, sliding tray type, 3 V interface

      Operating temperature: 

      -10 °C to +55 °C



      95%, non-condensing

    • Secure has sold more than 50,000 terminal modems to TNB, Malaysia. TNB has set KPI (Key Performance Index) values as the evaluation criteria for any modem. Some of their key performance parameters are:

      –        Signal strength/signal level

      –        Number of GPRS data channels

      –        GPRS data rates

      –        Interference levels

      –        Radio priority

      TNB reported Error-24 for Secure’s Premier meters, which adversely affected modem operation and meter reading. We conducted tests at TNB installations using a Nemo Handy tool, which reports RF and signalling data for a wide range of communications parameters. The test results revealed performance deficiencies with the independently-sourced SIMs fitted in the modems. TNB appreciated our assistance in resolving this problem, which had not been caused by equipment supplied by Secure.

      TNB also appreciate the way that each ECD 310 modem registers itself with the back-end station. With this feature, multiple installations can be performed very quickly, reducing the cost of installation. This feature is easy to use, and is much more reliable than traditional installation methods.