ABT is a commercial tariff regime designed to inculcate grid discipline and to provide a system for commercial settlement for pricing ‘unscheduled’ transactions at grid level.

eWatch ss is a real time data acquisition and ABT monitoring application. It is specially designed to help generators and transmission utilities to monitor consumption online and manage clients on the ABT regime from a common location. The system provides decision support information for analysis of usage under the ABT regime and resulting remedial measures.

The solution has other important features like data processing, tabular/graphical display, and online unscheduled interchange management. It triggers alarms and MIS reports allowing the utility to take corrective actions.



  • Centralized ABT online monitoring for Generators:          

     eWatch ss  is a scalable solution to collect data from multiple generating stations and provide this data to centralized location. The system enables simultaneous local and remote monitoring of real time data for ABT on line monitoring and energy management system.  

    It provides clear visibility of current UI charges for the whole system with UI prediction in every 15 minute block with effective meter data monitoring for further corrective & preventive actions. It provides schedule management, maximization/ backing off generation in peak/off-peak hours with incentives and ABT reporting to help during settlement with all participants against all contracts.

    UI billing verification and better schedule monitoring for Beneficiaries:         

     eWatch ss  collects data from the meters, installed at interconnection points and provides data for distributed and  centralized monitoring. It provides, UI report for UI billing verification issued from SLDC/ RLDC, prior information for better schedule monitoring/ management.

    It also provides decision support to draw more power at lower rates and get rebate for drawing less power as per prevailing frequency conditions. 

    • System architecture
    • eWatch_ss_abt.png