Energy suppliers and utilities rely on a wide range of business and operational systems for reliable and efficient management of their services. However, to gain insight into what is happening and to spot where improvement is needed, detailed analysis of the data collected by these systems is required. Such an approach can be applied to many operational areas, including energy data, accounting and audits, consumer profile and billing data, metering data services, meter testing and installation audits, meter event logs, load research, power system networks, load flow and loss assessment, and consumer and asset indexing.

Our service offering comprises a range of software modules that can work together to meet the particular needs of each specific application. Tools are available for data upload and download, monitoring, display and reporting. They provide a flexible platform that supports user-definable forms for data input, processing and output. Each application is built individually, using modules in the most effective combination, with customised features to meet specific needs.

Our specialist teams design the best service package for each application, and ensure that the maximum benefit is delivered throughout the life of each contract.



  • ReportIT

    reading | testing | installation | indexing

    Customised reports and dashboards for meter readings, test results, analysis of on-site testing, meter installation jobs (particularly for transformers and other nodes in the power distribution network), and consumer indexing with related field service performance monitoring.


    order | workforce | material | quality

    Reports for the management of service orders, workforce and materials, and for monitoring quality of service.


    energy | billing | tamper

    Analysis of meter data (particularly for substation feeders and distribution transformers), consumer billing and revenue collection, and tamper attempts and events.


    transmission | distribution

    Complete energy accounting and auditing for large power transmission and distribution networks, with technical and commercial loss assessment, and calculation of wheeling energy. It can also be used for energy auditing in industrial power system networks.


    energy | (others)

    In combination with Secure’s meter data acquisition system (MDAS), it provides online monitoring of the power system. It also provides specialised monitoring tools, for parameters including ABT, for the open access energy market in India. This powerful platform can also be used to monitor key parameters in other business applications.


    energy | (others)

    Generates bills and associated reports for utilities including electricity, gas, water, heat and other fuels.

  • Key Feature

    • Analysis
    • Monitoring
    • Reporting
    • Billing
    • Auditing
    • System requirements
      • Operating System: Windows (.Net Framework 4.5)
      • Implementer application: XBAP in IE
      • End-user application:
        • Windows (.Net Framework 4.5)
        • Web (.Net Framework 4.5 and IIS 7)
          • Browser support: Chrome, IE 10 and above
      • Database: PostgreS, Oracle