eWatch Online is a web-based service that enables users to save energy, control costs and reduce the carbon footprint of any number of their facilities.  Its easily accessible information helps generate awareness among managers and staff, and encourages them to contribute to energy efficiency in their daily work routine. It provides online information on energy use at utility exchange points, internal electrical distribution circuit, such as lighting circuits, HVAC, server room, etc. Metering points can be combined in ‘virtual groups’, providing visibility at plant level, by building, and by department. KPIs, such as specific energy consumption, can be linked to production entry, occupancy or floor area. Energy demand can be monitored against a defined target, or committed schedule of power purchase under open access.


Key Feature

    • Online monitoring of energy use and cost allocation
    • Analyses electrical parameters, key performance indices and carbon footprint
    • Generates automatic alerts on deviation from target demand and parameter threshold limit
    • Reports can be emailed automatically, or downloaded
    • Multi-fuel support (electricity, water, heat and gas)
    • Easy to set up and maintain, as only meters and a gateway need to be installed at site
    • Option to select packages and pay online for renewal of subscription
    • Accessible anywhere via internet browser and mobile app
    • System architecture
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