Premier 200 is a three-phase CT-operated meter, with flexible time-of-use tariff metering and communications capabilities. It combines accurate energy metering and data collection with enhanced tamper detection features and automatic meter reading (AMR) capability. A modem can be fitted under the terminal cover, providing a neat, tamper-resistant installation.



  • Multiple Meter reading

    Premier 200 supports multiple meter connection, allowing more than one meter to be read by using just one modem. Meters are looped via RS-485 cabling, and a modem (ECD 310) is connected to a single ‘master’ meter. This can substantially reduce the time and cost of installation and operation to the utility.

    MV-90 (IEE) compliance

    Premier200 is fully compatible with MV-90 (IEE) meter reading software from Itron. MV-90 provides interoperability across a wide range of products, so the utility does not need to purchase, operate and maintain multiple meter reading tools.

  • Key Feature

    • Field-replaceable battery for real-time clock, with supercap back up
    • Easy installation of modem under terminal cover
    • Enhanced fraud detection techniques for optimum revenue protection
    • Visual alarms for critical tamper notification
    • Local and remote communications
    • MV-90 Itron Enterprise Edition™ (IEE) compliance, for interoperable reading
    • Multiplexing of meters over RS-485 network
    • Specification
    • Connection type


      Wiring configuration

      3-phase 4-wire (LT)

      Voltage range

      230/240 V

      Current range

      Ib/Imax: 5/6A

      Accuracy Class

      0.5 for active, Class 2.0 for reactive channel

      Mains frequency

      50 Hz ± 5%

      Standards compliance

      IEC62052-11, IEC 62053-21/22, IEC62053-23

      Dimensions (W x H x D)

      175 mm x 310 mm x 75 mm


      2.2 kg (approx.)

      Load survey

      600 parameter-days, with 30-minute integration period


      IEC 1107 port for local communications, RJ-45 port for remote meter reading (RMR)