eWatch 100 is a web-based client-server system that collects data from meters at various locations. The software enables the creation of mimic diagrams providing an overview of installed plant, with drill-down access to individual departments and load points to monitor the status of electrical parameters. The virtual group feature provides monitoring for individual departments by combining different metering points. Linking utility consumption information with shift-wise production data creates the operational awareness necessary to contribute to savings in consumption and emissions.


Key Feature

    • Online energy monitoring system  to help save energy, and to reduce costs and carbon emissions
    • Measures, monitors and analyses electrical and non-electrical parameters (heat, gas, water)
    • Local intranet access  to dashboard, mimic diagrams, reports, alarms and trends
    • Open platform communications (OPC) server to provide data to other enterprise systems
    • Designed for large and medium industries, generating plants and multi-tenant buildings with up to 500 meters