Liberty Dual Register is an intelligent prepayment meter for the separate measurement of mains and auxiliary (DG) supplies. Liberty is a flexible and secure revenue management system that delivers a bill-less revenue cycle. It provides convenient payment options to the consumer and eliminates all the difficulties associated with a post-paid system.

The Liberty Dual Register meter automatically determines which source of energy is being used, either from the

supply frequency (PLC based) or by a separate digital input. The amount of consumption is deducted automatically, according to the appropriate tariff.



  • Commercial and residential segment

    The Liberty Dual Register meter is equipped for loads greater than direct-connected meters, from 70 kW to 700 kW. It is particularly suited to commercial malls and high-load residential developments.

    This system also provides:

    Single-point Payment Solution

    The Liberty prepayment system provides secure, reliable and easy-to-use technology for operation on mains and DG tariffs in a single meter. Payments made by consumers for all these services are accounted for in a single system.

    Common Area Maintenance (CAM)

    Common Area Maintenance involves the acquisition of fixed annual maintenance charges (AMC) and other related maintenance costs by builders from individual consumers. The deduction charges are applied per square foot of space used by individual flat owners. The Liberty prepayment system enables fixed charges to be deducted according to CAM.

    Advanced Online Vending Software

    Besides meters, the Liberty prepayment system also offers an advanced and configurable server-based online vending software for tariff management, asset management, token generation and MIS report generation.

    Freedom Consumer Interface Unit

    An optional consumer interface unit is available for connection with the Liberty meter. This unit acts as a remote display and token entry point, and facilitates an easy understanding of the instantaneous cost-per-hour of energy usage. It also allows consumers to enter credit and access meter information.  It also shows whether the supply is being drawn from the mains or the DG, irrespective of where the Liberty meter is positioned.

    Central Accounting System

    All transactions and definitions are managed through centralised database servers, which generate information from a single point.

    Load Management

    The Liberty Dual Register meter provides  true load control and demand side management by disconnecting the load if it exceeds the sanctioned amount. This helps maintain transformer loading.

    Disconnection/ Reconnection

    The Liberty Prepayment System allows consumers to effectively monitor their energy consumption pattern and recharge their account in advance, in order to avoid disconnection. 

  • Key Feature

    • CT-operated prepayment meter 
    • Dual registers for recording consumption from mains and auxiliary (DG) supplies
    • Load limiting and management
    • Flexible tariff definition: mains and DG, common area maintenance, standing and minimum charge, etc.
    • Optional Freedom consumer display unit
    • Easy-to-use keypad-based technology
    • Specification
    • Accuracy

      Class 1.0

      Rated voltage (Vref)        

      3 x 240 V phase to neutral (3-phase 4-wire system)

      3 x 415 V phase to phase

      Rated current (Ib) (connected through CT)      


      3 x -/5 A

      Primary current must be provided at the time of order, and is factory configured.

      Maximum current             

      3 x 10 A


      50 Hz ± 5%

      Power consumption : voltage circuit

      ≤1.5 W and 8 VA per phase

      Power consumption : current circuit

      ≤ 4 VA

      Tariff components

      Minimum charges, fixed charges, rebate, debt, tax, slab tariff, TOU , emergency credit, happy hours, load limit, mains and DG rates

      Freedom unit

      Wired via RJ-11 connection