Elite 440 is a multi-line three-phase digital panel meter for the accurate and reliable measurement of electrical parameters (voltage, current, power, frequency, etc.) for industrial and commercial applications. It has a large multi-line backlit display which enables four parameters to be displayed simultaneously. Modbus communications capability allows easy integration with energy monitoring systems. Expansion modules can be fitted for enhanced system integration (pulse inputs/outputs, analogue outputs or Ethernet). 



  • Sub-metering

    Elite 440 is especially suitable for sub-metering in industrial and commercial segment applications.

    Online energy monitoring

    Elite 440 is widely used in sub-stations, power plants, industries and commercial spaces for online monitoring of energy usage. Elite 440 supports open protocol (Modbus) over RS-485, and supports an Ethernet module for easy integrated with online software (such as our eWatch 100 suite), or with SCADA and PLC systems.  

  • Key Feature

    • Large, backlit four-line, seven-digit, display
    • Import/export energy and maximum demand measurement
    • Fully site configurable
    • Load survey and min/max logging
    • Load and feeder on/off hours, feeder interruption counts
    • Optional plug-in modules: Ethernet, pulse inputs and outputs, analogue outputs
    • Specification
    • Connection type

      HV3/HV4/LV4 applications

      Measurement voltage

      57.7/100 V to 240/415 V AC

      Measurement current

      1 (2) A, 5 (10) A


      IS13779, IS14697, IEC62052-11, IEC62053-21, IEC62053-23, IEC62053-22, IEC61010, IEC62053-31

      Dimensions (W x H x D)

      96 mm x 96 mm x 65 mm

      Ingress protection


      Load survey

      6 parameters for 40 days, at 30 minutes integration


      Modbus over RS-485 (half duplex)

      Additional plug-in modules

      2 pulse inputs, 2 pulse outputs module

      4 analogue outputs module

      Ethernet gateway module