Liberty 150 is an intelligent single-phase prepayment energy meter which provides real-time and historical information about consumption and accounting in monetary terms. It supports a wide range of tariff facilities. The interactive in-home display (IHD) has an option of  bluetooth communication to facilitate the user to transfer a token through mobile app. It also supports the web-based vending system which is highly secure, flexible and easy to integrate with utility and payment service provider’s systems.



  • It is an electricity meter installed in consumer premise which has an inbuilt disconnecting relay. The consumer buys electricity in advance by paying at any of the vending office or he can do an online purchase. The purchased electricity amount is transferred to meter through a numeric code. The amount in the meter is deducted as per the usage and tariff charges. Once the amount is exhausted the meter provides an alarm to consumer on its in-home display and further on zero balance it automatically disconnects the supply. The consumer can reconnect himself by buying more electricity and recharging the meter. This system completely caters to the consumer convenience and never disconnects the supply outside office hours. Different vending options like recharge through mobile App, Utility website, Cash card, Wallets, etc. are available.

    • Key points
    • Technical specification
      • Single phase prepayment meter for residential and commercial segment
      • Intuitive in-home display for user interactionAudible low-credit warning on In-home display
      • Emergency credit limit facility which prevents disconnection if user unable to top-up in time
      • Real time displays for user like ‘Days left’, ‘Account Balance’, ‘Daily consumption’ - to help user to budget better. 
      • No disconnection outside office hours
      • Web based vending system

      Connection type

      Direct connected

      Wiring configuration

      1-phase 2-wire

      Voltage range

      240/230 V (L-N), - 40% to +30%

      Current range

      5-60 A or 10-100A


      Class 1.0 for active energy


      Graphical, with green backlight