Liberty 370 is a three-phase prepayment electricity meter that provides information on account balance and consumption patterns, together with alerts and notifications that help consumers save energy and budget effectively. Consumers can easily interact with the meter via a user-friendly mobile app. The Liberty system provides peace of mind to utilities by ensuring completeness of revenue through operational efficiency. It is simple to manage and enables the utility to provide hassle-free consumer services.

The vending system is intuitive, with flexible architecture to provide integration options with POS terminals, utility web
portals, e-wallets/kiosks and through mobile app. The highly secure and robust implementation is designed in accordance with the international ISO 27001 standard.



    • Domestic metering
    • Small and medium-scale industries
    • Temporary connection metering
    • Sub-metering
    • Commercial metering
  • Benefits

    • Effective energy budgeting through monetary consumption displays
    • Hassle-free electricity purchase options and transfer to meter
    • No additional device (smart card, USB) needed for token entry
    • No need for separate in-home display unit (IHD)
    • Easy meter recharging through mobile app
    • Upfront revenue collection and revenue assurance for utility
    • Improves billing and collection efficiency
    • Break to open meter enclosure to avoid tampering
    • No uncertainty about consumption and bill
  • Features

    • Easy token transfer over Bluetooth
    • Intuitive, user-friendly 8 digits display
    • Display in absence of mains supply
    • Two metrological LEDs for accuracy measurement
    • Emergency credit facility to help consumers manage their account 
    • Friendly credit facility to prevent disconnection during unsocial hours
    • Capacitive touchpad with standard telephone keypad for multiple parameter navigation
    • Robust environmental protection (IP54)
    • Easy disconnection/settlement mechanism
    • Fixed and variable friendly credit days for no disconnection
    • Time of Use tariff support for customizable seasons and days
  • Electrical


    Connection type

    Direct connected

    Wiring configuration

    3-phase 4-wire

    Voltage reference

    240/230 V (L-N)

    Voltage variation

    -40% to +30%

    Current range

    10-100 A


    Class 1.0


    50 Hz ±5%, 60 Hz ±5%






    IS 13779, IS 15884, IS 15959 and






    Dimensions (W x H x D)

    184 mm x 207 mm x 98 mm

    (with extended terminal cover)


    1.5 kg


    Engineering plastic


    Sealed for life,


    additional sealing provision at meter cover and terminal cover




    Ingress protection

    IP 54


    -10 °C to +60 °C (operating)


    -25 °C to +70 °C (storage)

    Humidity  95%, non-condensing





    Up to 8 rates (slab or time-of-use)

    Maximum demand register

    Active and apparent energy

    Load survey

    240 parameter days with 30-minute integration period

    Energy supported

    7 energy parameters (factory configurable)


    12 historical sets of values

    Reading data

     Details for all the energy charges for all 12 histories



    Optical port for local communications


    BLE for remote access