We believe that an electricity meter does not need to have communications to be called smart.

Our Liberty 3P meter makes prepayment user-friendly and convenient, by vending in money terms rather than units of electricity. Real-time consumption information is displayed in plain language, helping consumers to make decisions that will save money. Optional remote keypads enable consumers to enter vend codes and view information, even when the meter is in a hard to reach place.



  • Utility residential metering

    Liberty 3P meters are well suited to residential metering. The inbuilt memory for load profiling, together with the necessary logic to deduct money according to the applied tariff, makes it ideal for billing purposes.

    Benefits for the supplier:

    a)    Upfront payment for electricity

    Consumers buy electricity in advance and then consume it, as with other commodities. This improves cash flow for the supplier and removes the possibility of non-payment for energy supplied.

    b)    No unpaid bills

    Money is received in advance, so bills are eliminated. Disputes arising from reading and billing no longer occur, so related revenue losses and expenses are eliminated.

    c)    No incorrect bills

    As there is no operational need to read meters, or to generate bills, thereby removing a source of error and a cause of dispute.

    d)     Lower overheads

    As there is no meter reading and no bill generation, overheads are reduced.

    e)    No disconnection/reconnection:

    The prepayment system removes the need for the supplier to get involved with the unpleasant and often difficult task of disconnecting errant consumers. The consumer is well informed of their consumption and knows that the supply will be disconnected if payment is not made. This leads to direct savings in manpower, transportation and legal expenses.

    f)     No account queries

    A considerable amount of time is often wasted in rechecking meter readings and statements as a result of queries from consumers. This requirement is altogether eliminated.

    g)    Tamper and fraud detection

    Comprehensive tamper and fraud detection allows phase failures, reversed energy, phase reversal, missing neutral and other conditions to be reported, with time and date stamp.

    h)    Load control

    Liberty 3P provides true load control and demand side management. The load is disconnected if it exceeds the sanctioned level, thereby helping to manage the total load on a transformer.

    Benefits for consumers

    a)    Pay-as-you-use system

    Consumers need only pay for electricity according to their level of consumption.

    b)     Allows the consumer to budget

    Liberty 3P enables consumers to see the cost of their consumption in real time. This enables them to budget their electricity usage in accordance with their financial position and lifestyle.

    c)     Display of remaining credit

    Remaining credit is displayed in monetary terms, rather than units of electricity. This enables consumers to manage their energy purchases to suit their needs. The relationship between tariff, consumption and cost becomes clear.

    d)     Energy consciousness

    Much of the population is often not aware of the effect of energy wastage and the environmental impact it has on the community. Liberty 3P shows the remaining units and the consumption rate, helping consumers to become energy conscious.

  • Key Feature

    • Three-phase prepayment meter for residential and small commercial premises
    • Real-time displays of ‘days left’, ‘account balance’ and ‘daily consumption’ help consumers to budget
    • Option for dual registers for recording consumption from mains and auxiliary (DG) supplies
    • Flexible tariff definition: mains and DG, common area maintenance, standing and minimum charges
    • Emergency Credit facility defers disconnection, allowing the consumer to ‘top up’
    • No disconnection outside office hours
    • Load limiting and management
    • Audible low-credit warning on in-home display
    • Easy-to-use keypad-based technology
    • Web-based vending system
    • Specification
    • Electrical

      Connection type

      Direct connected

      Wiring configuration

      Three phases and neutral

      Voltage range

      3x230 V AC (nominal)

      Current range



      Active Energy  Class 1

      Mains frequency

      50 Hz ± 5%



      IEC62053-21, IEC62053-23, IS13779


      Ingress protection

      IP 51

      Insulation class

      Protective class II


      -10 °C to +50 °C (operating)

      -25 °C to +70 °C (storage)


      95% non-condensing



      Minimum charges, fixed charges, rebate, debt, tax, slab tariff, TOU , emergency credit, happy hours, load limit, mains and DG tariff


      Backlit 9-character alphanumeric starburst


      12 key- 0-9, *, # for local entry of token and access to displays

      Prepayment functionality

      Credit and prepayment modes (meter maintains account and tariffs)

      Display of current and historical cost of consumption data

      Emergency Credit, with optional load limiting

      Friendly Credit (avoids disconnection during unsocial hours, weekends or special days)


      Triple DES encryption


      Remote display

      RJ-11 port for connecting a keypad and display for user convenience