Liberty+ is a single-phase token-less prepayment meter. Encrypted vend codes are used to transfer credit between the online vending system and the meter. Liberty+ maintains its own energy account, which supports multi-rate tariffs with features such as public holidays and 'friendly credit' periods.

Liberty+ communicates with a Freedomin-home display to provide real-time and historical information on consumption and accounting. Consumers can readily see how much energy they are using, how much it is costing (per hour), how much credit is left, and how long it will last, based on the current rate of consumption. Liberty+ also provides historical data, enabling comparisons such as 'this month against last month' to be made. Liberty+ is highly resistant to many types of tamper, making it ideally suited to aggressive environments, particularly where revenue protection (RP) is a concern.



  • Liberty + is an electricity meter with built-in disconnection relay, suitable for domestic or small commercial premises. The consumer buys electricity in advance, either at a vending office or online. The vend amount is transferred to the meter as a credit amount, through a numeric code, either through a keypad or via an app. Credit is deducted according to actual consumption and the corresponding tariff charges. When the credit is low the meter provides an alarm to the consumer on the in-home display. Under certain conditions the meter automatically disconnects the supply when credit runs out. The consumer can reconnect the supply by purchasing a new vend and entering the code in the meter. This system is very convenient for the consumer and the supplier, as it does not disconnect the supply outside office hours. Additional vending options are available, such as recharging through mobile app, utility website, cash card etc.

  • Key Feature

    • Single-phase prepayment meter for residential and commercial use
    • Intuitive in-home display (Freedom) for user interaction
    • Audible low-credit warning on in-home display
    • Emergency Credit facility defers disconnection, allowing the consumer to ‘top up’
    • Real-time displays -‘Days left’, ‘Account balance’ and ‘Daily consumption’- help the consumer to budget
    • No disconnection outside office hours
    • Web-based vending system
    • Specification
    • Accuracy

      Class 1.0

      Rated voltage (Vref)        

      240 V (L-N), - 20% to +15%

      Rated current  (Ib, Imax)

      10-60 A


      50 Hz ± 5%

      Power consumption : voltage circuit

      ≤1.5 W, 3 VA

      Power consumption : current circuit

      ≤ 5 VA

      Tariff components

      Minimum charges, fixed charges, rebate, debt, tax, slab tariff, ToU , emergency credit, happy hours, load limit

      Freedom unit

      Wired via RJ-11 connection