The meter is one of the most important elements in a power network, as it monitors and records information about  a wide range of electrical parameters. Our installation and commissioning service covers many types of meter used at various locations throughout the network.

Metering plays a vital role in revenue collection, energy accounting, and energy management for power transmission and distribution utilities. Energy meters are installed to monitor parts of the system, or individual consumers.

System meters are installed at the points of interconnection with the Inter-State Transmission System (ISTS), substation boundaries, outgoing feeders, and on distribution transformers for energy accounting, auditing, energy management and billing.

Consumer meters are installed at each main supply point. They record the energy consumption from which the distribution utility raises commercial bills for revenue realisation.

The correct installation of energy metering is essential for correct energy measurement and consumers’ safety. Any wrong or open connection at the meter will lead to revenue loss, and may also be hazardous to the consumer or utility staff.

Our installation service ensures the correctness of metering connections, including CTs and VTs. Physical inspection and verification of meter data by our qualified and competent field supervisors ensure consumer safety and metering accuracy.


Key Feature

    • Installation and commissioning of energy metering systems
    • Innovative design for robust and uncluttered installation
    • Experienced field team delivers world-class workmanship
    • Dedicated quality team ensures work quality and operational safety
    • Adherence to relevant installation standards and industry best practices