ThermoPlus AS2-RF is a programmable thermostat made especially easy to use.  It is particularly recommended for the elderly, infirm or visually impaired due to its extensive set of specially designed features.

ThermoPlus AS2-RF provides a 7-day time profile, with up to 6 different temperatures and 3 ‘on’ periods for each day, allowing each day of the week to be programmed individually.

ThermoPlus AS2-RF works with most domestic gas, solid fuel and oil-fired central heating and hot water systems.



  • Accessibility

    ThermoPlus AS2-RF has an extremely simple, clear and large dial-based interface, enabling users with visual and other impairments to operate and make changes to their heating schedule. The main controls are embossed with Braille, and audible feedback is provided.

    Replacement of non-powered thermostat, or for locations without mains supply

    ThermoPlus AS2-RF is battery-powered, making it an ideal replacement for traditional electromechanical thermostats, and for locations without a mains supply.

    Replacement of single-channel central heating programmer and thermostat

    Thermoplus AS2-RF will replace both an existing single-channel programmer and a thermostat with a single, compact unit. It will provide three ‘on’ periods per day, chosen from five predetermined daily periods/temperatures and one programmable period, with the opportunity to have each day different if so desired.

    Single device for central heating control in new builds

    Thermoplus AS2-RF is ideal for use in new builds of up to 150 m2 floor area, where a combi boiler is installed with a single zone. One device can control the temperature and boiler scheduling, via a single connection.

    Improve boiler economy by replacing a single-channel programmer

    Thermoplus AS2-RF can replace an existing single-channel programmer without a thermostat, to provide scheduled temperature control, together with improved economy through the use of TPI technology.

    Replace a thermostat-only system

    Thermoplus AS2-RF can replace an existing thermostat-only system and provide up to six timed temperature values per day, combining the flexibility of a programmer with the efficiency of a TPI thermostat.

    Each day can be programmed separately, or weekdays and weekends can be grouped together. This product cleverly combines the value of a programmer and an efficient thermostat, with flexibility and ease of use.



  • Key Feature

    • Wireless connection
      • Intelligent wireless technology allows the battery-powered  thermostat to be placed almost anywhere
      • The mains-powered receiver can be placed in a suitable position to control the wired part of the system
    • Easy replacement of existing equipment
      • Replaces existing thermostat and/or programmer with a single device
      • For new builds with combi boilers, single zone2floor area (2 units can be used for larger areas)
    • Special features for the elderly, infirm or visually impaired
      • Choice of display options for monitoring time and temperature settings
      • Override by ‘Plus’ and ‘Minus’ buttons for immediate and direct control of temperature
      • Audible and tactile feedback, with LED warm/cool display
      • Pre-set clock, with battery backup to ease installation
      • Automatic clock adjustment for BST/GMT
    • 7 day time/temperature profiles
      • 6 profiles,  5 factory pre-set  and 1 customisable
      • 7-day programme enables different schedules for each day of the week
      • Up to 3 operating periods per day
    • Specification
    • ThermoPlus AS2-RF


      Power  supply

      2 x AA-size alkaline cells, with life >2 years

      Contact type


      Wiring configuration

      Volt-free powered c/o contacts (SPDT) no/nc

      Contact rating

      3 (1) A, 230 V, 50 Hz


      Double insulated

      Compliance & Environmental

      Pollution degree


      Ingress protection


      Case material

      Flame-retardant thermoplastic

      Backup battery


      Operating temperature range

      0 °C to +40 °C

      Temperature control range

      +15 °C to +30 °C

      Standby temperature

      +5 °C to +10 °C

      Technology features





      Systems compatibility

      Gravity or fully pumped

      Boiler types

      Gas, oil, electric (>3 A via contactor), system or combi

      User interface


      7 days, with separate programme for each day of the week

      Number of ON/OFF cycles per day

      3 periods per day with 6 temperatures

      Temperature setting range

      OFF  at  +5 °C to +30 °C

      Programme settings

      Auto, standby


      Instant warm/cool

      Displayed time adjustments

      1-minute steps

      Switched time adjustments

      15-minute steps

      Frost protect

      Initiated by blue standby button 



      24 hour, battery backed, with date and time pre-programmed, and automatic BST/GMT adjustment


      Dimensions (W x H x D)

      120 mm x 90 mm x 32 mm


      Directly on to a wall, or into a single-gang steel flush wiring box to BS4662

      ThermoPlus AS-RF Receiver

      Power  supply

      230V-240V AC 50Hz

      Receiver contacts

      Micro-disconnection, c/o (SPDT), volt-free

      Contact rating

      3 (1) A, 230 V AC

      Compliance & Environmental

      Insulation type

      Double insulated

      Pollution degree


      Operating temperature range

      0 ˚C to +40 ˚C

      Ingress protection


      Technology Features

      Radio type


      Wireless range

      ≈30 m, line of sight

      Z-Wave communications

      Operating frequency

      868.42 MHz


      Z-Wave interoperable mesh-based wireless


      Dimensions (W x H x D)

      86 mm x 86 mm x 36.25 mm


      0.38 kg (approx.)


      Industry standard 6-pin wall plate

      User interface

      ON/OFF control

      Manual override buttons

      Network control

      Join button

      ON/OFF status

      Dual-colour (red/green) LED indicators

      Network status

      LED indicator