CentaurPlus C17 is a cost-optimised programmer solution for scheduled control of central heating.  It provides a 7-day time profile, with up to 3 on/off times for each individual day of the week.

Automatic GMT/BST time adjustment eliminates the need for manual clock adjustments, and a rechargeable backup battery maintains the clock in the event of a power outage.

CentaurPlus C17 works with most domestic gas, solid fuel and oil-fired central heating and hot water systems.



  • Replacement of single-channel central heating programmer

    CentaurPlus C17 will replace an existing single-channel programmer and provide 7 daily programmes, each with 3 on/off times. It fits on to a standard 6-pin wall plate, making replacement quick and easy.

    New builds with single zone

    CentaurPlus C17 is ideal for use in new builds of up to 150 m2 floor area, where a combi boiler is installed with a single zone.

  • Key Feature

    • Single-channel programmer
      • Replaces an existing  single-channel programmer
      • For new builds with combi boilers, single zone < 150m2 floor area
    • 7 -day temperature time profiles (up to 3 on/off periods per day)
      • Provides flexibility for a different programme for each day of the week
    • Simple user operation, with visual indication
      • Select button allows easy programme override
      • Boost, or 1-hour advance to next on or off period, using programme buttons
      • Automatic GMT/BST adjustment for user convenience
      • Clear and bright backlit display for intuitive operation
    • Specification
    • Electrical

      Power  supply

      230 V, 50Hz

      Contact type

      Micro-disconnection changeover

      Wiring configuration

      Volt-free powered c/o contacts (SPDT) no/nc

      Contact rating

      3 (1) A, 230 V AC

      Backup battery life

      >10 months continuous operation, in the absence of mains


      Pollution Degree


      Software Class

      Class A Software


      Type 1 Control

      Enclosure protection

      Flame-retardant thermoplastic

      Operating temperature range

      0 °C to +40 °C

      Technology features


      Bright backlit LCD




      LED indicator for CH active



      System compatibility

      Gravity or fully pumped

      Boiler types

      Gas, oil, electric (via control), combi (1 zone)

      User interface


      7 days, with separate programme for each day of the week

      Number of ON/OFF cycles per day

      3 separate ON/OFF


      Advance to next programme (ON or OFF)


      Immediate 1-hour boost

      Displayed time adjustments

      1-minute steps

      Switched time adjustments

      10-minute steps

      Override features




      12/24 hour

      Daylight saving time adjustment

      Automatic BST/GMT adjustment

      Programming mechanism

      Text prompts for ease of use and understanding


      Dimensions (W x H x D)

      150 mm x 84 mm x 29 mm


      0.3 kg (approx.)


      Industry standard 6-pin wall plate