No wiringis required for the CentaurPlus C17ZW programmer plus thermostat solution. This makes it ideal as a ‘quick fit’ replacement for an old programmer, or programmer plus thermostat. The battery-powered companion wireless thermostat can be placed almost anywhere in the property, without the need for any wiring.

The TPI algorithm utilised by the companion thermostat maximises the efficiency of condensing boilers. In combination with the daily optimisation of heating schedules provided by the programmer, the overall energy saving is well in excess of that offered by a simple timer and basic thermostat.

It provides a 7-day time profile, with up to 3 on/off times for each individual day of the week.

Automatic GMT/BST time adjustment eliminates the need for manual clock adjustments, and a rechargeable backup battery maintains the clock in the event of a power outage.

CentaurPlus C17ZW works with most domestic gas, solid fuel and oil-fired central heating and hot water systems.



  • Replacement of single-channel central heating programmer

    CentaurPlus C17ZW will replace an existing single-channel programmer and provide 7 daily programmes, each with 3 on/off times. The companion thermostat provides all the energy saving benefits of TPI technology. using mesh allowing it to almost The programmer and thermostat both fit on to standard 6-pin wall plates, making replacement quick and easy.

    Replacement of single-channel central heating programmer and wired thermostat

    New builds with single zone

    CentaurPlus C17 is ideal for use in new builds of up to 150 m2 floor area, where a combi boiler is installed with a single zone.The programmer can be placed next to the boiler to minimise the wiring required. The battery-operated thermostat can be placed anywhere in the property, with no additional wiring needed.

  • Key Feature

    • Z-Wave®  mesh radio connection between thermostat and receiver
      • No wires
      • Quick and easy to install
    • Single-channel programmer
      • Replaces an existing  single-channel programmer
      • For new builds with combi boilers, single zone < 150m2 floor area
    • Sophisticated time proportional integral (TPI) algorithm
    • Improves energy efficiency and minimises temperature overshoot
    • Optimises savings through individual scheduling for each day of the week
    • 7 -day temperature time profiles (up to 3 on/off periods per day)
      • Provides flexibility for a different programme for each day of the week
        • Simple user operation, with visual indication
      • Select button allows easy programme override
      • Boost, or 1-hour advance to next on or off period, using programme buttons
        • Automatic GMT/BST adjustment for user convenience
        • Clear and bright backlit display for intuitive operation
    • Specification
    • Programmer specifications


      Power  supply

      230 V, 50Hz

      Contact type

      Micro-disconnection changeover

      Wiring configuration

      Volt-free powered c/o contacts (SPDT) no/nc

      Contact rating

      3 (1) A, 230 V AC

      Backup battery life

      >10 months continuous operation, in the absence of mains

      Wireless technology

      Z-Wave®  mesh radio

      Operating frequency

      868.42 MHz


      Pollution Degree


      Software Class

      Class A


      Type 1 Control

      Enclosure protection

      Flame-retardant thermoplastic

      Operating temperature range

      0 °C to +40 °C

      Technology features


      Bright backlit LCD




      LED indicator for CH active



      System compatibility

      Gravity or fully pumped

      Boiler types

      Gas, oil, electric (via control), combi (1 zone)

      User interface


      7 days, with separate programme for each day of the week

      Number of ON/OFF cycles per day

      3 separate ON/OFF


      Advance to next programme (ON or OFF)


      Immediate 1-hour boost

      Displayed time adjustments

      1-minute steps

      Switched time adjustments

      10-minute steps

      Override features




      12/24 hour

      Daylight saving time adjustment

      Automatic BST/GMT adjustment

      Programming mechanism

      Text prompts for ease of use and understanding


      Dimensions (W x H x D)

      150 mm x 84 mm x 29 mm


      0.3 kg (approx.)


      Industry standard 6-pin wall plate

      Thermosat specifications


      Purpose of control

      Electronic room thermostat + RF (independently mounted)


      3 V DC (2 x AAA alkaline batteries)

      Software Class

      Class A


      Mesh radio type


      Operating frequency

      868.42 MHz (EU)

      Receiver Category

      Category 3

      Power Class

      Class B

      RF Range

      ≈100 m, line of sight



      86 mm x 86 mm x 36 mm

      Case material

      Flame-retardant thermoplastic

      Ball pressure test temperature

      75 °C


      Industry standard 6-pin wall plate


      Impulse voltage rating

      Cat II 2500V

      Enclosure protection


      Pollution Degree

      Degree 2

      Operating temperature range

      0 °C to +40 °C


      Design Standards

      EN 60730-2-9


      ETSI EN 300 220-2

      ETSI EN 301 489-3