ChannelPlus H11XL series 2 is a single-channel time-switch allowing up to 3 on/off settings per day.

For day-to-day operation, the H11XL has a manual 1 or 2-hour boost button, as well as an advance button to bring forward the next programmed operation. The backlit display, automatic clock and menu-driven programming are all features designed to make ChannelPlus H11XL as simple as possible to use.



  • Timed control of single-channel heating or hot water

    ChannelPlus H11XL is ideal for use in heating systems where a single central heating or hot water channel needs time control, such as in a system where an additional zone is added to an existing installation.

    Timed control of security lighting

    Its 3-ampere contacts and simple interface make ChannelPlus H11XL the ideal companion for a security lighting system where timed control of illumination is needed. 

  • Key Feature

    • Single-channel programmer
      • Replaces an existing single-channel programmer
    • 24-hour temperature time profiles (up to 3 on/off periods per day)
      • 24-hour programme operates every day of the week
    • Large, easy to follow display gives clear programme information
      • Interactive display responds to each press of a button, showing the action taken
    • Programmable holiday setting can be set in advance of departure, for any period
      • No need to come home to a cold house
      • Holiday departure and return dates can be pre-programmed
    • 1 or 2-hour boost and advance
      • Boost at the touch of a button
      • Advance control allows early switch on or off, without affecting any programmed settings
    • Mains powered, with battery back up
      • Reserve battery maintains the programme settings during power outages
    • Specification
    • Electrical

      Contact rating

      3 (1) A, 230V AC

      Contact type

      Voltage-free supported


      230 V, 50 Hz


      Pollution Degree

      Degree 2

      Class A software

      Type 1 Control



      Enclosure protection


      Double insulated


      Operating temperature range

      0 °C to +40 °C


      Case material

      Flame-retardant  thermoplastic

      Dimensions (W x H x D)

      101 mm x 163 mm x 37 mm


      Back-lit liquid crystal


      9-pin wall fixing plate

      Programming features


      24-hour or 12-hour AM/PM

      Displayed time adjustments

      1-minute steps

      Switched time adjustments

      10-minute steps

      Programme options

      All Day

      Operating periods per day



      1 or 2-hour boost
      1 or 2-hour extension to ON period
      Instant advance