ChannelPlus H27ZXL is a single-channel timeswitch allowing up to three on/off settings per day, with each day of the week having a different program, if desired.

For day-to-day operation, the H27ZXL has a manual 1 or 2-hour boost button, as well as an advance button to bring forward the next programmed operation for each channel. The backlit display, automatic clock and menu-driven programming are all features designed to make ChannelPlus H27ZXL as simple as possible to use.

What is the difference between H27XL and H27ZXL?

ChannelPlus H27XL and ChannelPlus H27ZXL have the same functionality. The ‘Z’ in H27ZXL stands for ‘Zone’, which signifies that the channels are labelled on the display as ‘ZONE1’ and ‘ZONE2’, as opposed to ‘HTG’ and ‘WATER’.



  • Timed control of heating and hot water

    ChannelPlus H27ZXL is ideal for use in heating systems where a both a central heating zone and hot water need time control.

    Adding more zones to an existing system

    The channel labelling on the H27ZXL makes it the ideal choice to add two more zones to an existing heating system, as it prevents the confusion caused when a ‘hot water’ channel is actually controlling a central heating zone.

    Timed control of a combi boiler

    The volt-free contacts on the H27ZXL are ideally suited for timed control of a combi boiler.

    Timed control of security lighting

    Its 3-ampere contacts and simple interface makes ChannelPlus H27XL the ideal companion for a security lighting system where timed control of illumination is needed.

  • Key Feature

    • 2-channel, 7-day programme
    • Same functionality as H27XL, but with channels labelled as ZONE1 and ZONE2
    • Large, easy to follow display shows clear programme information
      • Interactive display responds to each press of a button, showing the action taken
    • Programmable holiday setting can be set in advance of departure, for any period
      • No need to come home to a cold house
      • Holiday departure and return dates can be pre-programmed
    • 1 or 2-hour boost and advance
      • Boost at the touch of a button
      • Advance control allows early switch on or off, without affecting any programmed settings
    • Mains-powered, with battery back up
      • Reserve battery maintains the programme settings during power outages
    • Specification
    • Electrical

      Contact rating

      3 (1) A, 230 V AC

      Contact type

      Voltage-free supported


      230 V, 50 Hz


      Pollution Degree

      Degree 2

      Class A software

      Type 1 Control



      Enclosure protection


      Double insulated


      Operating temperature range

      0 °C to +40 °C


      Case material

      Flame-retardant thermoplastic

      Dimensions (W x H x D)

      101 mm x 163 mm x 37 mm


      Back-lit liquid crystal


      9-pin wall fixing plate

      Programming features


      24-hour or 12-hour AM/PM

      Displayed time adjustments

      1-minute steps

      Switched time adjustments

      10-minute steps

      Programme options

      All Day

      Operating periods per day



      1 or 2-hour boost
      1 or 2-hour extension to ON period
      Instant advance