Beanbag is the intelligent way to control heating in the home, using an app-enabled wireless thermostat and heat control system. Our smart system benefits everyone.

If you are managing housing stock and looking after your tenants needs, you are provided with real time information to monitor and improve energy consumption.

Users are really put in control of their energy usage, in or out of the house, anytime anywhere.


Housing developers

  • Social housing organisations today are faced with increasing conflict relating to their duty of care to their tenants, whilst at the same time facing reducing income levels and escalating costs in maintaining their housing stock.

    Beanbag offers an innovative business solution for social housing providers; it connects the organisation to their housing stock digitally. 

    The platform comprises an App controlled heating and hot water system enabling the social housing tenant to control their system remotely, offering potential energy and financial savings.

    Additionally, the social housing organisation is provided with access via its web portal to a suite of services reporting tools, which offer the potential to improve customer service levels whilst also delivering operational efficiencies.   Service areas offered encompass sustainability and asset management include:

    • fuel poverty
    • environmental monitoring
    • impact of intervention
    • targeted maintenance
    • service access

    The reporting tools will provide a safety net to ensure tenants are living in an healthy environment and not exposed to fuel poverty.  They also provide an evaluation tool for physical and behavioural interventions, protection of the building fabric and the ability to eliminate unnecessary or multiple maintenance or gas safety visits.  



    Social housing organisations need to cut rents by 1% per annum for four years commencing 2016.  This will mean an average 12% reduction in rents by 2021.  Delivering the same or improved services but with a reducing income stream presents a challenge to the organisation.

    Beanbag offers an innovative business solution for social housing providers; it connects the organisation to its housing stock digitally. 

    The system utilises the smart heating controls platform to bring back data from additional sensors to allow informed decision making by the organisation.

    The information is processed using data analytics and reporting tools to provide a range of reports which are designed to facilitate focused attention on known problems.  The objective is to prevent situations that require expensive remediation arising and to eliminate unnecessary time and costs in delivering operational services.

    Beanbag offers the potential to deliver financial savings across the organisation including asset management, customer service and sustainability.



    Being connected to your housing stock offers scope to access a range of data that can contribute to the overall sustainability objectives of the business.

    Physical interventions, e.g. replacing single glazed windows with double glazing, can be monitored to evaluate their impact.  Their actual performance can be compared to design objectives; this can be used to prioritise activities to deliver maximum benefits.

    Tenant behaviour can be monitored to evaluate the opportunity for initiatives that lead to change in behaviour.  When executed, impact can be evaluated to quantify benefits achieved.

    System monitoring can identify anomalies, which may facilitate energy savings, such as the following:

    • The overheating of property can be detected; commonly this occurs due to a lack of knowledge about the operation of the heating systems.
    • Property not reaching a desired set point may highlight the need for a physical intervention to reduce energy loss, such as improving insulation or installing double glazing.


    Asset management

    Asset management requirements relating to heating and hot water systems, building fabric & health protection and gas safety inspections to fulfill legislative obligations, place significant demands on an organisation, in terms of both time and money.

    Additional sensors, combined with a business reporting capability, make it possible for an organization to improve the efficiency of asset management activities across its housing stock.

    Beanbag offers a range of sensors, which can be incorporated into the Home Area Network (HAN), which flags up an early warning for ‘at risk’ properties.  This facilitates early intervention for environmental monitoring such as damp or mould and targeted maintenance.  Early intervention will substantially reduce remediation costs related to such problems.  Data analytics will further provide information on specific requirements at a property, which will eliminate the requirement for unnecessary or multiple visits.

    Service access to facilitate gas safety inspections will also be provided as a part of our service using the Beanbag platform. 




  • Consultant

  • With our Beanbag system you can provide new creative solutions that directly address your clients core concerns. You are now able to give them visibility & control of their assets at a new and enhanced level. Individual homes contain Beanbag's aesthetically attractive new smart home system. Each resident can control scheduling of heating and hot water in their property using a smart phone.

    As a business your client will be concerned to ensure that the residents are comfortable and secure in their properties, enjoying the efficiency and financial savings that come from a well designed heating controls product. Beanbag's 'Big Data' capabilities provides your clients with a rich set of services addressing their core needs as a business. Beanbags' suite of services is provided via a web portal located at a business location. Some of the services we are developing:

    • detection of under/overheating including heat poverty
    • detection and prevention of damp & mould
    • managing access and boiler service
    • residential heating system monitoring & analysis
    • heat system maintenance visibility and notification of failures
    • energy saving advisories
    • business to resident and resident to business communication
    • reports tailored to your clients' individual business roles featuring asset management, sustainability, and maintenance with an overview that enables decision making with more on the way.
  • Installers

  • As a professional installer you will value the care we have taken in making Beanbag simple and quick to install. Full secure and robust radio communication provides the ability to place the thermostat in any desired location with no need for wires.

    Beanbag’s dual-channel Receiver is designed for hidden or surface wiring or replacing existing controls or as a new install with a minimum of fuss.  Receiver flexibility provides mains, no volts or low volt DC control of system or combi boilers. Beanbag works with Gas, Oil, Heating Interface Unit (HIU) and electrical boilers, providing load compensation functionality to save energy.

    Beanbag’s Gateway connects the system to the Internet; only a mains supply is required. Connection is by WiFi and so no Ethernet cable is needed.

    The installer App is designed to make commissioning easy for you. Once Beanbag is installed it should only take you 10 minutes to set-up the system. No WiFi access is necessary for you as an installer, you only need a phone!

    Download Beanbag installation notes

    • Thermostat
    • Receiver
    • Gateway
    • Beanbag
    • The Thermostat is an integral part of the Beanbag system, designed to help ensure user comfort and minimise energy consumption. It is a smart Z-Wave® device designed for use in home heating control systems. It provides wireless ambient temperature sensing and set point functionality.

    • Beanbag Receiver is an integral part of the Beanbag system, designed to ensure user comfort and minimise energy consumption.The Receiver is a smart 3-ampere Z-wave® relay switch ideal for use in home heating control systems, in place of traditional heating controls. Its intelligent design ensures your comfort at all times, while minimising energy consumption.

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    • Beanbag Gateway is the heart of the Beanbag home heating control system which helps to ensure user comfort and minimise energy consumption. It is the communications hub that links home devices (such as the Receiver and Thermostat) with the internet, while providing intelligent control for heating and hot water.

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    • Beanbag is a smart heating and hot water control system equipped with best-in-class features to maintain comfort levels while minimising energy consumption. Beanbag adapts to the user’s lifestyle, ensuring that the home is heated to the right level to suit occupancy and activity.

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