Improvements to networked heating schemes have been identified as a significant way in which energy use and greenhouse gas emissions across Europe can be further reduced. As a consequence the UK has introduced The Heat Network (Metering and Billing) Regulations 2014, which state that each individual tenant must be metered and billed for their energy usage. 

When installed along non-smart heat meters, Liberty Connect 100 essentially upgrades the system to assume smart functionality. It provides option of prepay-credit mode; two-way, real-time communications between the back office and each property, enabling remote meter readings and avoiding the need to knock on doors. This also facilitates fault diagnosis and resolution without the need for a site visit – such as a fault with a heat meter or a valve, a failed top-up or an incorrect tariff. 

Scheduled readings (daily, weekly, monthly, annually) can be provided easily and ensure bills are produced accurately. Consolidation at the beginning and end of tenancy is simple and can be done remotely, as can a change of service provider, once again reducing the need for multiple site visits.


End consumers

  • Liberty Connect 100 presents Service providers with accurate, timely information, at a low cost to own and serve.     

    The user friendly in-home display (Pipit) provided for each tenant, is simple for the end user to operate and understand, reduces the need for a call centre and helps to keep costs down. 

  • Billing agents

  • Liberty Connect 100 addresses the regulatory needs mandated by The Heat Trust Scheme, Target 2020 and British Energy Industrial Strategy (BEIS).

    It supports M & E consultants to specify a solution that will meet the requirements of their clients and not endanger their reputation in future, whilst M & E contractors are able to deliver a solution which makes installation and management simple, reliable and cost effective.

    Liberty Connect 100 is robust, low maintenance and has a long life, which requires no special skills or tools for installation. 

  • Property developers

  • Liberty Connect 100 presents developers and builders with a solution which is suitable for any number of properties – it is cost effective for a very small number of dwellings, as well as for very large networks.

    The hardware is wireless plug-and-play, low maintenance, robust, resilient and has a long life. 

  • Housing associations

  • Networked heating schemes improve energy efficiency and are cheaper and easier for Housing Associations (HA) and landlords to manage than installing central heating in multiple dwellings. They require less plant and save space at the building level.

    With Liberty Connect 100 installed, tenants decide how much they wish to spend on their electricity and are no longer faced by potentially unmanageable monthly bills. PAYG options with limited emergency credit and friendly credit, maintain tenant access to affordable hot water and heating whilst helping to prevent them going into debt, thereby supporting HAs or landlords to meet their duty of care.

    Analysis of the data generated by Liberty Connect 100, helps landlords to identify how energy is used. If energy is being wasted and there is a system loss between the generation and consumption of heat, this will be identified.