Saral 300 is an enhanced metering solution for three-phase direct-connected installations. It is suitable for domestic, industrial and commercial applications.

Saral 300 is an accurate and reliable metering solution for the measurement of electrical energy three-phase four-wire networks and ensures revenue assurance, making it especially useful in areas where theft and fraud are prevalent


Revenue protection

    • Advanced anti-tamper prevention, detection and deterrence
    • Revenue protected against wrong connections such as reversal, interchange of earth/neutral, or partial earthing
    • Extensive forensic information for detection and analysis of tamper attempts
    • Locking arrangement for incoming mains cable, to inhibit wiring tampers
  • Highlights

    • Meter reading in the absence of mains power
    • Integrated base and cover
    • Current and temperature profiled to help detect loose connections and attempts to burn
    • Walkby meter reading over BLE (Optional)
  • Benefits

    • Revenue protection against tamper and fraud
    • Quality-of-supply information
    • Peak and o-peak tari management
    • Stringent ingress protection, can be used outdoors
    • Low cost of ownership
    • Specification
    • Electrical


      Connection type

      3-phase 4-wire, direct connected

      Rated voltage

      230/240 V

      Impulse withstand

      10 kV, 2 Ω setup

      Current range

      5-30 A/10-60 A/10-100 A


      50 Hz, ± 5%

      Accuracy class

      Class 1.0

      Metrology lamp

      Two metrological LEDs for active and reactive energy



      Dimensions (W x H x D)

      126 mm x 222 mm x 92 mm

      Enclosure material

      0.32 kg (approx.)

      Meter case:

      LEXAN 143/ 943 or equivalent

      Terminal block:

      LEXAN 500R/equivalent


      0.78 kg (approx.)

      Sealing provision

      One wire seal and one paper seal between body and terminal block, two on terminal block cover



      Ingress protection

      IP 54

      Insulation class

      Protective class II


      -10 °C to +60 °C (operating)

      -25 °C to +70 °C (storage)


      95% non-condensing



      Tariff rate registers

      Up to 8 rate registers, for configurable energy channels

      Maximum demand

      Up to 2 types, configurable across 8 registers

      Load survey

      Up to 240 days for 10 parameters, at 30 minutes integration period


      Optical port for local communications,


      micro USB, BLE4.1 (Bluetooth Low Energy) registers