We believe that a smart meter is installed not just to provide an energy supplier with more information to put in their customers’ bills or statements. It is also there to show the customer exactly how much energy they are consuming throughout the day. This real-time information helps the customer see where they can reduce consumption, thereby saving money and reducing carbon emissions.

Secure Meters is proud to present the Liberty 100 family of smart electricity meters. These are designed to meet the United Kingdom Smart Metering Equipment Technical Specification (SMETS) and give customers and energy suppliers a full range of both Smart Prepayment and Smart Credit features. Together with an easy-to-use in-home display (Pipit 500) or other smart in-home devices, these meters give energy suppliers the information they, need as well as allowing customers to take control of their energy consumption.


Key Feature

    • Smart Electricity Meter with communication hub
    • Modular design – the communications hub can be replaced without removing the meter.
    • Can be part of a single-fuel (electricity only) or a dual-fuel (electricity + gas) installation.
    • Simple installation and registration process
    • Operates in either Smart Credit or Smart Prepayment mode.
    • Operating modes can be remotely activated and the meter can be remotely reprogrammed.
    • Additional switched circuit for Economy-7 and Economy-10 (Night Storage/Water Heating) installations (Liberty 110)
    • Specification
    • Electrical

      Connection type

      Direct connected

      Wiring configuration

      Single phase, single element, two wire

      Voltage range

      230 Vac (nominal)

      Current range

      0.5-10(100) A


      Active Energy  MID Class B, Reactive Energy Class 2.0

      Mains frequency

      50 Hz ± 5%


      Compliant with EN 50470-1.3


      100A UC3

      Audible Alarm






      MID Class B EN 50470-1,3; IEC62053-23




      Modular design

      Field replaceable communication module

      Dimensions (W x H x D)

      140 x 175 x 60 mm


      Tunnel type with 2 screws compliant to BS7856


      1 kg (approx.)


      Flame retardant polycarbonate




      Ingress protection

      IP 54

      Insulation class

      Protective class II


      -25 ºC to +55ºC (operating),

      -25 ºC to +70 ºC (storage)


      95% non-condensing





      Remote firmware upgrade


      Slab, Time of Use (TOU) and Complex (Slab within TOU) supported

      Pending tariff structures supported

      Load Survey

      13 months Active Import,

      3 months Active Export

      3 months Reactive Import,

      3 months Reactive Export


      Backlit 10-character alphanumeric starburst display with icons for status


      12 key- 0-9, A, B for local entry of PAYG code and access to displays

      PAYG functionality

      Credit and PAYG modes (meter maintains account and tariffs)

      Display of current and historical consumption with cost of consumption data

      Emergency Credit with optional load limiting

      Friendly Credit (avoids disconnection during unsocial hours, weekends or special days)

      Debt recovery


      AES128 encryption
      NISTIR 7628 Guidelines for Smart Grid Cyber Security v1.0
      NSA Suite-B Cryptography 


      Removal of terminal cover, main meter cover or communications hub, excessive magnetic field




      Local diagnostic port

      Optical IEC62056-21 (IEC1107) hardware-compatible port

      Communication module options

      Skyline-i510 Intimate Communications Hub including GPRS WAN and ZigBee® HAN (SEP 1.1)

      HAN communication modules

      Multi operator (roaming) SIMs supported