eWatch heat service captures and analyses data to generate graphical reports about individual HIUs and overall network performance. Poorly performing properties that need attention are identified easily.

The service considers three key aspects:

  • Verification of appropriate commission;
  • Monitoring on-going performance;
  • Improving through proactive service and maintenance.

Ongoing monitoring of the network and follow-up action as required, helps keep costs low for both operator and resident, and ensures reliable, adequate heat supply reaches all those connected, including tenants vulnerable to fuel poverty.



  • Heat networks for:  

    • Housing Association social housing, 
    • Local Authority social housing, 
    • Private landlords. 

    Building and street district heat networks.  

  • Key features

  • Verifying: 

    • Mobile app to guide engineers with onsite verification. 
    •  Asset register verification reports. 
    • Properties passed or failed based on design parameters. 
    • Energy centre proving period, post verification. 


    • Comprehensively monitors network efficiency. 
    • Performance dashboards analyse every stage of the system - compare weekly, monthly and seasonal data. 
    • Yearly and seasonal benchmarking. 
    • Granular data drills down to every metering point (riser, apartment and plant room). 


    • Multi-site performance dashboards. 
    • Benchmarking between sites. 
    • Carbon emission reports. 
    • System architecture