Sprint is a three-phase whole-current meter which features sophisticated revenue-protection software and hardware, making it suitable for installations where theft and fraud are a concern. It is able to detect and log tamper events including current reversal, current open and current bypass.  Sprint combines accurate energy metering with flexible time-of-use metering and communications capabilities, in an extremely robust design. A modem can be fitted under the terminal cover, providing a neat, tamper-resistant installation.



  • LCD indication of  tampers

    Sprint can detect a wide range of  tampers, such as current reversal, magnetic interference, neutral disturbance, current bypass, which helps the utility to identify consumers who steal electricity. The meter’s display starts flickering whenever any tamper is attempted, enabling the meter reader to easily identify affected meters. Each tamper attempt is recorded with a time and date stamp in the meter’s memory.

    MV-90 (IEE) compliance

    Sprint complies is fully compatible with MV-90 (IEE) meter reading software from Itron. MV-90 provides interoperability across a wide range of products, so the utility does not need to purchase, operate and maintain multiple meter reading tools.

  • Key Feature

    • Field-replaceable battery for real-time clock, with supercap back up
    • Easy installation of modem under terminal cover
    • Enhanced fraud detection techniques for optimum revenue protection
    • Visual alarms for critical tamper notification
    • Local and remote communications
    • MV-90 Itron Enterprise Edition™ (IEE) compliance, for interoperable reading
    • Configurable pulse output
    • Display codes for quick and accurate manual meter reading
    • Specification
    • Electrical

      Connection type

      Direct connected

      Wiring configuration

      3-phase 4-wire

      Voltage range

      230/240 V (L-N), ±30%

      Current range

      10-100 A

      Accuracy Class

      1.0 for active, Class 2.0 for reactive energy

      Mains frequency

      50 Hz ± 5%

      Standards compliance

      IEC62052-11, IEC 62053-21, IEC62053-23


      Dimensions: (W x H x D)

      182 mm x 252 mm x 90 mm


      1.9 kg (approx.)


      Ingress protection

      IP 54


      Billing data

      Up to 12 sets of historical data


      IEC 1107 port for local communication, RJ-45 for remote meter reading