Smart meters need a smart back-end system, which is why Secure has developed the Smart Metering Operator Services (SMSO) system. This system controls all aspects of meter operation, and is the interface between your business systems and your meters, using industry-standard web-service APIs.

We also realise that the day-to-day management of smart meters should not be a burden on your business, so we offer a wide range of services to help you get started in smart metering. These range from a full, web-based, smart metering management system through to consultancy services to help you integrate your business system with our SMSO system. For us, partnerships come first and this is about working together.

  • Key points
    • All interfaces between customer’s business systems and SMSO use industry-standard web services.
    • SMSO can be fully managed through Secure’s software to provide a ‘quick start’.
    • We are committed to working with new users to help determine the best approach to system integration.