Sprint 231 is a single-phase three-element smart meter with three separate measuring elements for independent recording of multiple loads, such as general domestic, solar, hot water or electric vehicle charging (EV). Its field-replaceable communications module enhances flexibility, and makes the utility’s investment future-proof.

Sprint 231 paves the way for easy and convenient data transfer from the meter to the utility’s back office and is the perfect solution for AMI applications. Support for 3G/4G, and provision for future technologies, ensure that Sprint 231 meets current and future needs.  Sprint 231 is an integrated part of Secure’s Liberty Online advanced metering solution.



    • Domestic and small commercial premises
    • Three elements, to support independent loads (e.g. solar, hot water and EV) in a single meter
    • Advanced metering infrastructure (AMI)
  • Key Feature

    • Meets the minimum services specification as per Australian National Electricity Rules (NER)
    • Multi operator (roaming) SIM support – ensures maximum network coverage
    • Peak and off-peak tariff management
    • Remote de-energisation and energisation (direct and arm)
    • Alerts to identify potential anomalies
    • QoS (Quality of Supply) monitoring
    • Hot-swappable communication module
  • Benefits

    • Improved billing cycle and accuracy through remote reading
    • Facilitates supply remote connection/disconnection
    • Better information on usage, to help manage energy consumption
    • Power outage management – quick response time
    • Remote re-configuration
    • Low cost of ownership
      • Removes cost of manual read
      • Designed for long life in the field
      • Remote firmware upgrade
    • Specification
    • Electrical

      Connection type

      1-phase, 2-wire, 3-element, active neutral, direct connected

      Measuring elements

      1 or 2 element

      Rated voltage (Vnom)

      230 V AC, -20% to +15%

      Maximum voltage

      300 V (L-N) continuous

      Impulse withstand

      12 kV, 9 J, as per NMI M6


      50 Hz ±5%

      Current range

      10 A Ib, 100 A Imax


      Class 1.0 (Active Energy), Class 2.0 (Reactive Energy)

      Metrology Lamp

      Two configurable metrological LEDs for active and reactive energy



      AS 62052.11, AS 62052.21, AS 62053.21, AS 62053.23, NMI-M6

      Exceeds minimum services specification as per the National Electricity Amendment (expanding competition in metering and related services)

      Data storage capacity

      Energy/demand load profile

      395 days (per channel) at 30-minute interval (configurable), up to 16 channels

      Quality of Supply (QoS) parameters

      90 days (per parameter) at 30-minute interval (configurable), up to 16 parameters, including maximum, minimum and average voltage, current, phase angles, temperature


      Integrated supply/load contactors

      3 x 100 A independently-switched relays


      Dimensions (W x H x D)

      180 mm x 252 mm x 118 mm (with 35 mm terminal block cover)


      Flame-retardant polycarbonate


      Terminal cover, meter main cover, configuration button, communications module


      2.4 kg (approx.), depending on variant



      ANSI optical port (AS 62056.21)


      3G/4G WAN, build option for ZigBee® HAN

      Multi-operator (roaming) SIM support

      Hot-swappable field interchangeable module, sealable separately


      AES128 encryption, cover open detection

      Outage notification

      Last gasp power supply (build option)


      Real-time clock type

      Crystal or mains-synchronised

      Power source

      Mains supply


      Lithium battery, 15-year life


      AS 62054.21


      Ingress protection

      IP 53

      Insulation class

      Protective class II


      Operating: -10 °C to +60 °C

      Storage: -25 °C to +70 °C


      95%, non-condensing